Monday, 5 February 2018

From ValeryN - Tank destroyers (168 Pts)

Today's portion of my painted miniatures will be fully devoted to the means of fighting tanks. They are here for all tastes:

These are soldiers with anti-tank rifles...

...sappers with "Molotov cocktails"...

...and the soldiers with captured by the Germans fausts:

And of course I could not do without armored vehicles - self-propelled guns SU-122:

Here 72 soldiers - 144 points and 4 vehicles - 24 points. Total 168 points.


Wow... another fantastic and ferocious haul of Soviet weaponry from you, Narval !  Another tremendous entry.  These troops will strike terror into the hearts of any panzer crewman, I'd be sure!  I love the massed anti-tank rifles, and the captured panzerfausts.  Given as the German handheld 'schrecks' and 'fausts' seem to cause havoc on every WWII table I ever play on, it's only fair that you give your Soviet forces some captured ones to turn the tables!

Terrific work, and particularly so since you reached your target of 1,000 points without us properly celebrating!!  1,000 points is an incredible achievement for any painter in a Challenge, and to do this in the time you have done it (before week seven) is really spectacular.  So congratulations, Narval.  Keep those brushes painting away and we'll see if you make it to the big 2,000 by the end of the Challenge!  Here's another 168 well-deserved points towards that total! Well done, Challenge-buddy !!


  1. Another great bunch of soviets! Lovely work as always.
    Best Iain

  2. Nice tank-hunting horde Valery :)

  3. Great work, Valery, these will give the fascists pause for thought!

  4. Excellent work, I like your bases a lot

  5. Congratulations on reaching your target! And with such a nice force at that!

  6. Well done Valery, and congrats on reaching your target. I love those AT rifles...just bonkers...

  7. Congrats of your target and well done on this WW@ collection. That gives lots of options to kill a Panther.

  8. Terrific job Valery and congratulations on hitting your points target. Bravo!

  9. Great stuff. Well done. cheers

    1. Thanks everyone for the positive comments!

  10. It’s always enjoy a joy to destroy armour with Infantry!