Monday, 5 February 2018

From BenitoM: 2nd Battalion Vienna Volunteers Progress (20 points)

Following on my Austrian Napoleonic Army project, I did conclude this week the second company for the 2nd Battalion of the Viennese Volunteers, comprising four models.

This is how the battalion looks so far ... 

It's not a large submission, but you should consider that I spent additional time completing some models for the Music Bonus Round too.

The models are Victrix from the Austrian Line Infantry plastic box with spare heads from the Perry box. This makes 4 x 28mm models = 20 points to add this week to my Challenge score and also to the Black Powder Duel.

Hope you all have a great week!


Great work, Benito!  You have most definitely been the "Viennese Drillmaster", delivering wonderful Austrian figures week after week to brighten our Mondays and all with the precision and style of the Spanish Riding School of Vienna.  Wonderful work, and hugely impressive week in, week out!

And these latest recruits to the second battalion of the Vienna Volunteers are well up to your very high standards.  Beautiful clean painting, vivid uniform details and wonderfully coloured bases (now copied shamelessly by myself!).  They look great, and all the more impressive for following hard on the boot heels of your lovely Musicians from the themed round.

Top work, and another very well-deserved 20 points to add to your points total!  


  1. More lovely looking Austrians!
    Best Iain

  2. Lovely work, Benito, these are excellent-looking troops!

  3. Benito - your painting is really top-of-the-line

    Most impressive

  4. Brilliant bit of brushing Benito!

  5. Well done Benito! It may not be a big submission, but first I prefer quality over quantity and secondly better slow progress than no progress at all.

  6. Such nice uniforms they had! Nice work on the grey