Tuesday, 31 January 2017

From EvanH - Doctor de Bruse - 28mm Plague Apothecary (5 points)

One more for this week - while nowhere near as imposing as the Orc Chieftain, and nowhere near as much work, this little fig from Casting Room Miniatures is a gruesome delight.

I present, for your edification and enjoyment, Doctor Lividus de Bruse, late court physician to Duke Delius of Marchmont (deceased).

I've always had a liking for the more lurid aspects of history, and plague 'doctors' like this chap, their beaked masks filled with dried flowers and sweet-smelling herbs to prevent infection (because everybody knows that bad odours, or miasmas, cause disease, right?) roamed the affected neighbourhoods of European cities during the various plague outbreaks of the 16th and 17th centuries.

I'm pressing him into service as an Apothecary for Frostgrave, since I need some more specialists for when I bulk up the warband.

I've given him a colour scheme redolent of disease and injury, with yellows, greens and purples to heighten his already odd appearance, and I've added a belt pouch and dagger from the Frostgrave Cultists box.

He's ready to roll, or will be when the PVA/Bicarb snow mix dries (I had to get this done before the heatwave tomorrow!).

So one 28mm figure is a princely 5 points towards my total, and another contribution towards my Frostgrave Duel with the estimable Mr Mills. Yay!

I really should be working on the next Bonus Round, but I ran out of some crucial materials which will need to be chased up asap, which is why this guy got pushed up the list. Will I be able to get my terrain entry finished in time? Who can say?

Stay tuned, viewers...


By Paul and Alan: great fig which has induced flashbacks to Dan Brown's "Inferno".  Combined with the bright colours on the robes, that mask is pretty creepy!


  1. Love him, I've always found these guys very creepy

  2. What a excellent creepy guy


  3. Lovely, well you know what I mean, he's great but he's made me start itching!
    Best Iain

  4. As you said, the lurid aspects and footnotes, of history as so fascinating.
    This plague doctor is such a great figure and I do think the colour scheme is perfectly creepy!
    Well done and certainly one of my favourites.

  5. Oh wow, that is super creepy. What a cool figure! I need one of these!

    Great job Evan.

  6. That's cool. The mask is indeed strange. Cheers

  7. There is something spooky and scary about this figure and the colour choices.

  8. Enough to scare you death... nicely done

  9. Wonderful figure, Evan, and we'll painted too!
    Besides Frostgrave, malifaux, pulp, he'd be an excellent apothecary for a 40k inquisitor war band too! ;)

  10. Great to see such an usual figure and well painted too!

  11. Sorry meant "such an UNUSUAL figure" ...........

  12. Quite the character and great colour combo!

  13. Seriously creepy looking plague doctor. I've always found this idea fascinating, and great repurposing for FG.

  14. Thanks for all the nice comments, guys - glad you like him!

  15. I've always like the creepiness of the beaked plague mask - it looks so darned menacing. There is one of these, along with the flat hat, that you can put on and creep people out at the National Civil War Centre in Newark. Fun!