Saturday, 23 December 2017

From KeithS - A Decade of Demons (80 Points)

Despite my better judgment and time management sense, I am back for my third Challenge! This time around I could hardly resist, given the theme. To set the proper tone, and with Christmas right around the corner, I am starting off with a batch of demons/devils. Most of these guys are quite old, though I must admit I got most of them in the last year or two (plenty of old lead from the vaults will be forthcoming, so fear not). Initially, I set this group aside with the idea of using them for the Flight bonus round, but I found something much better for that and thought I might as well do these up. Without further ado, here are ten demons.

First up are a pair of big ones, a Balrog and the old Demonlord Orcus himself. Both are by Minifigs and are probably older than some of the people in this challenge. I picked them and many others up at recent Cons, pretty much always at bargain basement prices. While hardly state of the art, they have a little personality...and personality go a long way. According to the original Monster Manual (my standard reference), Orcus has "grey skin" - it did not look right so I ended up blending normal flesh with grey to create....something.

They have quite large wings, and the Balrog has a bit of back, as well.

This guy, I was bale to identify as The Faceless Guardian of the Void from RAFM. I really had no idea what to make of him, so I just did him in grey with some red highlights, then used red ink to wash him and give him a weird look.

Also by RAFM is "Sheol - Angel of Midian." He seems to be moving with a purpose! I decided to do a blue and silver sort of theme to him to show his divine nature (white sounded boring). Not sure what I'll ever use him for, though.

Reverse angle. Another bare-bottomed one (please don't get the wrong idea about me).

I did a ton of demons this summer (for no particular reason). Most of them are red toned guys, so I thought a few blue-skinned ice demons were in order. These guys fit the bill well enough. They're all done in blues with blue ink wash, for the most part.

Other side. There is a bluish sheen to the wings but its hard to see in the photos.

Last up are the "also rans." These are cheap Minifigs guys that were in a pile of stuff I bought at Historicon last Summer. They're...ok. Certainly nothing terribly exciting. I might find a use for them in a D&D game some time, but I doubt it. Still, four more guys painted and out of the lead pile.

Pointwise, I defer to the illustrious judges. The Balrog is 60mm, Orcus 65mm, the blue demons are 70mm and 38mm respectively, the Sheol guy is 50mm, and the riff-raff are around 30mm.

That's it for now. I've already switched over to painting 28mm Welsh dudes for Saga which will take up a lot of my in-between time over Christmas. I have a really big project lined up for the Flight challenge, and some other recent acquisitions for the Big Freakin' Guy weekend. However, regardless of all that, there will be plenty more monsters forthcoming!


Nothing like a load of Demons, Devils and Satanic Imps to bring in the Holiday Season! What a motley crew, Keith! I really love seeing all this old school stuff. Honestly, I think a lot of it is still very good, and as you say, characterful at the very least. They really bring back some fond memories of my early paper and pen role-playing days. Orcus and the Blue Angel fella are truly inspired - brilliant stuff. 

Let's say 80 point for the entire motley crew. Great work, Keith and welcome back to the Challenge!


  1. Love Orcus, brings back memories of monster manual!
    Best Iain

  2. A truly diabolical first submission Keith :)

  3. Really interesting selection!

  4. Must same that is one strange bunch of creatures, but also that they look rather cool well done

  5. There's some old lead there, given a new lease on life - an impressive collection!

  6. Loving the old school lead! I have a soft spot for minifigs - with some care they usually paint up very well. Yours look great.

  7. An impressive collection of monsters Keith and I am glad you decided to join us again this year!

  8. Nice collection, Keith! A dungeon crawl at your home is definitely not dull!