Saturday, 23 December 2017

From KentG - fire Storm Armada (20 Points)

these are part of an auction that i won, bought them on a whim, here we have 4 ships belonging to the Dindrenzi federation one cruiser and three others actually have no idea what they are, once i've finished painting i might need to do a bit of research.

The ship on the right is the cruiser and below


You left us on a cliffhanger there, Kent. ;)

Wow, such wonderful, clean work on these cruisers, Mr.G! The grey that you've used for their hulls has a nice warmth to it, and the lighting highlights are distinct but not too overdone. Really nice.

I'm not really sure of the size of these from the photos, but from my playing of the game in the past, I'm thinking that each model is similar to a 28mm figure, so 20 points for the flotilla. Well done Kent!


  1. And the Kent production line continues to churn painted stuff out - nice ships! :)

    1. I see that we shall have to keep an eye on the progress of this juggernaut!

  2. Nice starships Kent. The grey is very effective.

  3. And now space ships? Lovely clean work, very nice.
    Best Iain

  4. Well this fleet does look suitably menacing indeed!

  5. Very clean work, Kent!the red spot color sets them off perfectly!

  6. Sweet work Kent. We're in the same boat with these ships. I bought a batch at a con on whim because they were cheap, beautifully cast and you can never have enough spaceships. I don't have any idea what they are either!