Saturday, 23 December 2017

From PeteF - Commanded ECW Shot (30 Points)

Last year I got it into my head that I wanted to do some Game of Thrones conversions (or perhaps some Stormlight Saga - books describe lots of flouncy clothes) and that I would need a wide variety of sprues. Thanks to EBay the plastic mountain included a Warlord For King And Country set. 

The set lay dormant until I played The Pikeman's Lament a quick play ruleset that I really enjoyed. "I've got to paint me some commanded shot" I thought. And here they are:

First up - commanded shot needs a commander and the guy on the cover of the ECW Osprey was the inspiration. 

Here he is in 28mm - I'm struggling with my camera a bit to take macro shots - what I hadn't realized is that he's holding his pistol sideways - gansta style. Like in a Tarantino movie. Yeah you there vagabond! Believe you in our Lord - for verily you are about to meet him.

The commander needs some shot to command. The Warlord firelock figures are a bit limited in pose but with some inexpert cutting and gluing they look like they're on their way somewhere.

To take care of all possible future basing changes I'm keeping them on small 20mm circles. When I want them formed up they'll live in a movement tray - blutacked so they don't keep falling out.

These are the first ECW figures I've painted - it seems there weren't uniforms as such. Officers provided their own (sometimes fancy) civilian clothes. The troops sometimes wore colours according to their general - although generals from both sides used the same colors. At some battles the specific identifiers for that battle (e.g. white ribbon) were coincidentally used by both sides. All very confusing. These royalists got mostly grey coats and red bands for their hats - the same colour as their officer's sash. 


Great work, Pete! 

These guys have a great sense of varied dynamism in their poses, and I really like your posh officer with his bold red sash and blue-and-white doublet. Very sharp. I've always had a keen interest in the Pike & Shotte period and the first figures I painted were ECW as well - such a rich period. I hope we'll see some more from this project over the coming months.

Merry Christmas!


  1. Lovely work, great period!
    Best Iain

  2. Very nice Pete, am looking forward to the rest of your efforts this Challenge!

  3. Great looking shot - love the officer.

  4. Excellent work, Pete! I too like the wannabe gangsta Nob! ;)

  5. I love my ECW and you do them proud


  6. Good to see the ECW getting some attention. Lovely work for a first effort in the period Pete. You're making me want to paint more for my collection.