Saturday, 23 December 2017

From StephenS - Alberto Malich (5 Points)

For last years challenge my first opening salvo was Death dressed in a Santa costume (it makes sense if you’re a fan of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld novels). Almost a year later, my first entry will be Death’s servant, Alberto Malich the Wise dressed as an Elf from the novel ‘Hogfather’. Mixed with the satisfaction of getting my first runs on the board, is a touch of shame it took nearly a year to get paint on him. Though to be fair, like a lot of us, I have an uncounted collection of much older unpainted minis...

Alberto is a powerful wizard, who through an aborted attempt to stave off death (he had a few people he wanted to put off meeting in the after-life) ended up as Death’s servant in exchange for hitting the pause button on his life-timer. The model is a 28 mm figure from Micro Art Studio’s Discworld range. I’ve been a huge fan of the Discworld series since I read my first book over 20 years ago, and in my mind at least, I think the miniatures really capture the spirit of the characters.

Together again at last...
So here is a fitting model for the festive season, even if he isn’t feeling the Christmas spirit himself.

Happy Christmas to all, and to all a good night!




Brilliant work Stephen. I really like the mottled green of his trousers and tunic and the work you did on his face is superb. I also like how his red shoes tie in with Death's festive robe - well done. I've never read the Discworld series (it was so much of the 'it' series at the time that I naturally (for me anyway) rebelled against picking it up), but maybe I should give it a try. Who knows, you may have a convert. ;)

Merry Christmas Stephen!


  1. He certainly looks the part. Very nice painting!

  2. Oh very nice. Love the Discworld books and these are amongst my favourite characters.

  3. He looks great, loved the books and hes just right!
    Best Iain

  4. "Oh look another brandy master!" Great one Stephen, I read all of them and have the Hogfather on audiobook as well! Great stuff!

  5. Great work on Alberto. Mort is my favourite Pratchett book so I have a soft spot for "Albert"

  6. Alberto is looking very fine, Steve!
    Although you haven't painted since the last challenge, thanks for saving him for your opening shot!

  7. Lovely, good to see Christmas gets another push :-)


  8. Thanks for the comments, I hope everyone has a lovely festive break!

  9. Very nice indeed Steve! Love the green.


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