Saturday, 23 December 2017

From BrendonW - Opening Salvo (195 Points)

Greetings everyone. I will be away from the hobby table for 3 weeks so I probably will not be posting until late January 2018 but for now here is some painted miniatures.

6 x 28mm Arab Infantry (Plastic) Gripping Beast. Three shield decals are from LBM and the others are hand painted. I have done just about zero painting since the last Challenge so it was satisfying to get these done.

Next is a re-purpose project. Games Workshop plastic Chaos Warriors which will be 'Sons of Korgan' units for a 'Haranguer', 'Kings of War' army.

15 x 28mm, Heroic scale, Plastic, Games Workshop (no longer in production).
Some are from my old collection and some I purchased recently through Facebook. I used quick methods on these. Removing them from old single bases was a chore but making a new multi base was very satisfying.

Next is another 14x 28mm Chaos warriors.
I must have liked the colour Purple back in the long ago as I had to paint over it on these Double Handed weapon carrying dudes and the ones above. I recall what a pain 'ranking up' was with these bulky miniatures so multi basing them is a big plus in my opinion. I opted for standards at the rear of the units instead of the traditional front row.

and finally, for this post..
2 x 28mm Plastic mounted Knights by Perry Miniatures.
These two Knights are intended as perhaps a unit leader and an Army General. Nothing says 'I am awesome' on my tabletop battlefields like a painted target with the shiniest of helmets. Already nicknamed Lord Golden Helmet I am sure he will be targeted by many arrows.

Cheers from Brendon in Hot Steamy Darwin, Australia and soon to be on the Volcanic Island of Bali.

Have a great Christmas at your location and a Happy New Year.


Thanks Brendon, for gifting us with this points bomb before you jet off to Bali! 

I've always enjoyed Brendon's bold and distinct style and he shows it off in spades with his debut entry for this year's Challenge. The Arab spearmen are excellent, looking like veterans in their care-worn clothes (the duo bases are a nice touch as well). 

Speaking of multiple bases, these two units of Chaos warriors really benefit from that approach. It makes them look more like cohesive units, while also allowing players to easily move them on the tabletop, without trying to remember how they fit together with all those spikey/bladey bits.   

My favourties here though are the two late medieval cavalrymen. I especially like the warmth of the brass on 'Lord Golden Helmet' - beautiful work!

195 points to you Brendon! Merry Christmas and enjoy your time in Bali. We look forward to seeing you back in the ranks in around a month!


  1. Nice opening bomb. As always your stuff is distinctively good. Have a fab holiday

  2. What a varied first entry they look awesome well done mate

  3. Great stuff. I remember painting loads of those knights when they first came out... they really were a pain to rank neatly, so the multibase option looks much better

  4. Hope you have the aircon cranked right up, Brendon! Lovely work on a varied selection of figs, something for everyone here!

  5. Great work Brendon - love those Gripping Beast Arabs in particular.

    The "Kings of War" keeps coming up, and I know it is something Byron has mentioned several times too. I have always thought of myself as an Oldhammer type, but perhaps I need to check this out more!

  6. Lovely work as always Brendan. Love those Arabs and very nice to see hand painted shields.

    But I seriously covet those Perry knights. The brass helm is to die for.

  7. Like the arabs and the chaos warriors look great on their multi bases but golden helm is great fun!
    Best Iain

  8. Wow, great stuff all round!

  9. Nice work all around, Brendon! The Arab infantry and perry knights are my favorites. I really like the treatment of armor and cloth. The chaos knights areally well done too and look really menacing bunched together!

  10. Cracking units, love the impressive shiedls...

  11. A cracking opening salvo mate! The Arabs are by faves I think but it's all cool.

  12. Thanks everyone. Back from holiday in Bali so I should be back on the brushes very soon. cheers