Saturday, 10 February 2018

From KeithS: Ral Partha spellcasters (75 points)

This week it's more 25mm goodness from Ral Partha.  These are also from their most recent Kickstarter and are a group of 15 spellcasters of varying types.  I decided to base them for use in my (hopefully) upcoming games of Chainmail later this year; thus, all got the outdoor look.  Here's the group:

For convenience, here's a close-up of the lads first.  They're an eclectic mix.  Several of the figures are the same as ones I painted a few years ago.  In hindsight, I should've matched the paint scheme so I could use them in a D&D game both in a dungeon and on the battlefield.  The sword the guy in the foreground has is...a little big?
The first group of females.  They are a bit of a mix between what I would call tribal spellcasters, witches, and more typical sorceress's.
Three more females.  They seem to not dress sensibly for battle, but I guess I never had any sense of style, so who am I to say.
The last one was the Kickstarter's star, The Vampire Queen.  It's a nice figure, though the sword seems a bit huge to me, but what are you gonna do.  Her fangs are hard to see, but they are there!

15 figures at 25mm for 75 points.  I have an even larger batch mostly done, but I'm not sure if I can squeak it under the deadline!  We shall see.


These a smashing Keith and what a great variety of poses and styles - a witch for all seasons! Cracking work Sir and a well deserved 75 points to your tally.