Saturday, 10 February 2018

From:PaulS: Slambo the ancient (5 points)

Way back in the dimmest, distant past when the Warhammer world resided on one planet and everything was made of toxic lead there was a chaos champion by the name of Slambo. He looked a bit like the Heroquest warrior with two axes.  Not too long ago GW released an updated version of Slambo for Age of Sigmar. The model is God neutral, but is going to be worshipping dear ol' Pappa Nurgle

This is just the one figure this week, but one is better than nothing... right? He's a single 28mm figure on a 40mm base, so a whopping 5 points I believe?


Sure, he's only a single figure but what an absolutely awesome figure. Well done Paul! 

I really like the rust and blood-bespeckeled armour and weapons. The eldritch light coming from his helmet is a great touch as well. I get a sense he's going to be a real beast on the tabletop.

A very well-earned 5 points Paul!



  1. Lovely work Paul, you’ve done a great job with the blood effects, he looks like he’s been very busy on a battlefield somewhere.

  2. Oh wow Paul, this is a newly made figure? It surely looks like an oldhammer mini in a top of the line present day painting job, great work! I might have to get me one...

  3. Nice take on an old style figure, lovely finish!
    Best Iain

  4. Very well done Paul! Really like the subtle nurgle-ish touch you added with that hint of green on the armour.

    1. Hopefully I can pull off the same effect on other sets of armour

  5. Awesome work! The armour with stains and rust is excellent. The gore on the axes is well cool. Fantastic. cheers