Saturday, 10 February 2018

From RayR: 25mm Oliver Cromwell (10 Points)

Only a small post today..
May I present the one and only Oliver Cromwell!!

I picked Ollie up at a bring & buy, so I've no clue who makes the figure?

I'm not getting into the ECW, the figure's painted up as a pressie for my Dad.


Very nice work Ray. I really like this figure (one of the nicer Cromwells I've seen), especially how you've painted the face and the effect of the blackened armour. I'd like to know who produces this version of Ole Warty as his face possesses a bit of pathos. I think your dad is going to delighted with him. Well done!



  1. He looks great Ray, I’m sure your dad will love him.

  2. A very fitting version of Cromwell Ray. Hope your dad like him as much as I do ;-)

  3. Very nice work on the most powerful person in British history, Ray, well done!

  4. Love work on a right arseh*le Ray!

  5. I was going to save him for the monstrous bonus round.

  6. Ahhh, "Naughty Oliver" as my daughter called him at age 4. She was annoyed that he broke all the nice castles and I heartily agreed! Nice fig Ray!

  7. Nice work Ray, I didn't know he ever had a tash!
    Best Iain