Thursday, 23 February 2017

From Ethan M - Sertorius and Swedes - (134 points)

Hello again everyone. This week brings about the last of the Sertorian Romans, as well as the conclusion of a totally different project. First, we have three mounted generals.

First up, we have a mounted Roman general.

Next, one of the local Spanish nobility in the Roman style but a much more colourful blue.

And finally, a surly-looking and balding Roman dignitary; in fact, this is none other than Marcus Perpenna Vento, the man who would ultimately betray Quintus Sertorius to his death.

Switching gears, last fall I participated in a project among some of the local Hoosier gamers for the Great Northern War. As such, I painted an army of 15mm Swedes for the campaign. To add to the points tally this week I decided to throw together a pair of cavalry brigades to add to the forces destined to repulse the Russian savages and treacherous Saxons from the Baltic.

A close up of a German dragoon brigade fighting beneath the banner of Charles XII.

As well as a shot of the South Scanian Cavalry Brigade. Classified as Horse, consider them unarmoured Cuirassiers.

Last, a shot of the standard bearer from the South Scanian brigade from behind. I do like their heraldry.

Currently, I'm working on the finishing touches of the Spanish Scutarri and preparing for some Celtiberians to join Sertorius' forces. There may be additional Swedes joining the roster in the future. These two brigades bring my GNW army to 6 brigades of foot, 2 of horse, and 3 of dragoons.

A total of 27 cavalry this week, 24 in 15mm and 3 in 25mm. Hopefully next week will be a bit more productive. Until next time!

The commanders of your Sertorius Legion look really fine in officer finery. I quite like your Spanish officer in blue.
The Northern war Germanic cavalry look very striking too. I'd imagine that your infantry will be able to advance comfortably against the Russians with these fellows guarding the flanks! I'd really like to see them arrayed with your infantry as well. The banners are very fine too! 


  1. Great entry Ethan. Those Roman commanders are ace - the Spaniard in blue is quite striking. Also, I really like your German cavalry brigade. You can't help but admire cavalry units in tricorns.

  2. Very nice Ethan. As Curt mentioned, the Romans are particularly ace - well done.

  3. Lovely ancients and nice scandihooligans!
    Best Iain

  4. Very nice indeed, those roman commanders are the bees knees.

  5. Very nice, I like the blue roman.