Thursday, 23 February 2017

From BenitoM: More Dashing Hussars (40 points)

A long abscence but here I am again, with the four final models of my Napoleonic French Hussars unit. This time the command group (officer and trumpet) plus two troopers.

You may remember I opted for the 3rd Hussar's Regiment livery, wearing a faded grey-blue uniform with red pippings. The trumpet, as ususal in these units, wore reverse colours (red uniform and blue pipping) and mounted a white stallion.

Some close shots...

...and now the full unit, ready to charge any British or Spanish unit in the Peninsular soil. I hope they'll make a magnificent view on the war table!!

I still have to undertake the painful task of putting some LBM transfers in the sabretaches. I now add 40 points to my general score and also to my Sharp Practice duel score.

My next target is a second Hussars unit, this time in campaign dress. Most likely I will paint in the unifrom of the 1st Hussar Regiment, which also saw action in Spain. My painting schedule nonetheless is uncertain, as my wife is just about to begin a breast cancer treatment, following two successful surgery intervention over the past 3 weeks. Although you can never be too assertivewith this disease, the prognosis looks good at this stage.

There is no finer cavalry unit of the Napoleonic Era than Hussars IMHO. With the pelisse flashing behind them and all the bling, they do seem to strike as great in pagentry as they do on the charge...providing no highlanders are forming square in front of them! ;) This particular unit is very flashy in the subdued blue grey and red. very fine work, Benito!
I will pray that all turns out well for your family, and you will be able to enjoy a fine spring and summer with your little one once this passes.


  1. Lovely work on these fine Hussards Benito. I really like the shading effects that you've achieved. That blue grey often comes out flat, so you've done well with these lads.

  2. Who doesn't like the dash and elan of hussars? Lovely work Benito :)

  3. Brilliant painting Benito - excellent stuff.

  4. Wonderful looking French Cavalry Benito!


  5. These are some grand looking Hussars! Well done.

  6. a very good rendition of one of my favourite French hussar regiments!

  7. Beautiful work Benito! I look forward to hearing/seeing how you get on with those sabretache decals.

  8. Great looking Perry french hussars! Good luck!
    Best Iain

  9. Lovely hussars here benito - very stylish!