Monday, 6 March 2017

The Thing that Haunts You in Your Bits Box, MartinC (390 Points)

We all have a bits box, mainly fully of Perry plastic heads. When you open it does one thing stare back at you and say "Use Me. Make something cool out of me." Mine contains 6 Perry metal ACW gun barrels - when you buy a cannon you get 3 barrels.
After years of pleading I finally used them. Warbases sell a 6lb Napoleon cannon with limber for £4 with a metal barrel, I have one. A quick email conversation with them, they are lovely people to deal with, and I could buy the carriage and limber for £3.50. So I bought 6 sets. Limbers need horses so I bought some from Irregular miniatures at the York Show. The horses came with no tack so I just added a some side pieces.

They are not perfect but I like them. I now have 7 extra guns, I laugh at Napoleons grand battery.

All guns need crews

ACW Union crew - various manufacturers

Rebel Crew

Afghan crew - out of a pile of scrap DaveD gave me. Pretty crappy figs but they will do a job

Sometimes horses aren't available to pull cannon so oxen will have to do

Ist Corps Oxen - the horns were separate and a bugger to fix in place

I've have been painting a lot of other random things.
1st up some Northstar Africans, 2 cool witch doctors and a Zulu type

The one on the left is reversible

 I have finished my Back of Beyond Afghans for now. This maxim gun is by Empress and is fab

 It comes with a sniper

 Next a Northstar Boer - another nice fig

Nearly finished. Back to Warbases. These 2 Lancia trucks are really cool and come as flat packs. They are a doddle to put together. I added a Lewis gun and an M1917 Browning, both by Pulp Miniatures from their deck gun pack 

Vehicles with weapons need crews and I bought these at the York show. They are by Reiver Castings, not the best but very useful

Obviously if you have crews then you need vehicles to put them on

The trucks are from the flea market and had been previously painted so don't count here. I did add steel paper to the flatbed bit and magnets to the bases of the figures and guns to keep them in place. The 2 guns are an undersized 2lb AT gun from Britannia and the taller one is a 37mm deck gun from Pulp that I bought with the guns on the Lancias.

 Finally I bought this old school witch with massive boobs as a job lot from the flea market.
In case you haven't noticed she has massive boobs and is naked under the apron.

Right now for the maths bit

7 cannon and limbers - I reckon 15 pts per set - 105pts
12 horse and oxen and 1 Mtd Boer = 130
15 artillery crew = 75
3 Africans = 15
1 Afghan maxim gun and a sniper = 25 (inc 2 prone figs at 2.5 each)
1 witch = 5
2 Armoured Trucks = 40 (I think)
10 vehicle crews = 50 pts
I'll leave it to Miles to decide about the 2 cannon on the back of the trucks but they were pretty simple so 5 each would be fair

So that is about 415 I think. Luckily I have the maths minion on Monday so Miles it's time for creative accounting. Can we go with Enron before somebody checked their sales figures and not after. 

MilesR: My gosh my head is spinning - so many different subjects, so many points and the witch is something that once seen can not be unseen....  You are a productive but evil man Mr Martin.  

I did score the horses and oxen as single figures (not mounted cav) which is what we've done with similar subjects this year.  Your math above totals to 445 and my tally nets out to 390 with the big difference being lower points for the horses and two trucks.  Never-the-less a most impressive points bomb, but the witch, the witch will cause nightmares..

Very nicely done.


  1. A very eclectic mix Martin... welcome to the top of the table!

  2. Wow - further intense points bombardment...a total shellacking. Great work Martin.

  3. WOW! I think the Boer figure is my favorite of the set but I am impressed with the artillery project

    1. Loving the grand battery. Thanks mate

  4. Excellent stuff! I heartily approve of using leftover bits, very frugal indeed.

  5. Miles I can cope with your maths, cheers

  6. This is precicely what I like to see occur during the Challenge - people digging deep into their collections to get 'stuff' done-up. Wonderful! I definitely need to get one of those Lancias now that I've seen yours (AND I have the very same bits from Bob's deck gun pack!)

  7. It's been an odd challenge. Having no army to paint I've painted loads of random stuff. I'm running out of random stuff now. The down side is that I've kept swapping styles. Sometimes it's worked, sometimes less so. But I have done loads. I can recommend the lancias. Really easy to put together, ideal for SCW, and £7

    1. The gun carriages are very simplistic but work well

  8. Nice gun recycling and splendid variety!
    Best Iain

  9. What a mixture Martin - great work :)

  10. Wow, great bomb Martin. My box of Perry heads is staring at me.

  11. Inspired eclecticism. I hope you got an extra point for the witch's .... charms.

  12. That is a very eclectic mix, Martin! I really like the Afghans, but that is some inspired resourcing for the cannon.The witch is oing to give me nightmares, butthose trucks are almost worth the horror! ;)