Monday, 6 March 2017

Philosophical Godzilla Proves Monday is the Best

Even when philosophical Godzilla ponders about the greatness of Monday, it's state of superiority can not be denied.  The week is no different as we've got 11 posts falling on you like a blacksmith's hammer.

What's on tap

- an unnatural submission from Mr 1:1 Sudanese Campaign collector

- A witch that will give you nightmares

- More SYW goodness

- Micro tanks in the Western Desert

- A points bomb that creates a new points leader - Boom!

- Deadly Assassins

- 30k Goodness

- Guys with long pointy sticks and steel jackets

- Northwest Frontier adventure

- an African dictator with an unfortunate power transition outcome

- Imagination nations in 15mm

- something that seems inspired by the movie "Williard"

Oh yeah there's a stats update coming Tuesday and here's a spoiler - Monday is looking pretty darn good compared to the other days of the week.

Just saying....


  1. Speaking on behalf of Tuesday, I immediately point to bias in the stats!

  2. One man's bias is another propaganda!

  3. And having worked back through all the posts this evening, I must say that Monday has Tuesday well beaten :)