Monday, 6 March 2017

AdamC - Regiment Paine (31 Points)

 Another Imagi-Nation unit for D'Argent's enemy Draconia.  This is the personal guard regiment of Bishop Paine Prince-Bishop of Haingchausen one of the more militant clerical states of the Draconian Empire.
 Mike said he wanted his regiment in back coats with gray cuff, facing and turnbacks.  He also wanted maroon for the small cloths.  I thought the overall look was a bit clerical so I decided his troops would be from the territory of a bishop-prince.
The flags are taken from a collection of Riecharmee flags I had in my folder or images.  They seemed to fit.  There at 15 figures in for another 30 Points toward my goal and the Side challenge. There might be another few more points for the flags or not as the minion judged appropriate.

MilesR: Another imaginations regiment - I really like these.


  1. Glad you are enjoying this project :)

  2. nice regiment, look good with pike support

    1. Thanks but by the 18th Century pikes are sort of passé

  3. Very fine looking unit. For obvious reasons, I like a uniform that looks clerical. :)

  4. Those colors do look striking together, Adam!
    Very fine flag selection for the musket templars too!