Monday, 6 March 2017

His Royal Highness Prince Ukoomba (Clint B) (12 Points)

As an AK 47 player (Peter pig rules) one of the things I needed to do to change from AK47 to "AK47 Reloaded" the updated rules Was to have a leader and entourage on the table. As my AK force is centred around a "Dictatorship" with |Royal pretentions I needed a suitable pompous figure and a single stand of body guards. At the recent show (Cavalier) I was able to pick up the required figures.

A total of 6 figures INCLUDING the dead general. Dictators do not last very long! All 15mm size painted and based to go with my whole AK47 force. The figures are by Peter Pig and are based for the game, on 30mmx30mm for the dead figure and 30x40mm for the other two stands which also needed a lable.

A small addition which should (I hope) finish the army of at least until I decide I want some cavalry....

All the best Clint

MilesR: A great way to start off Monday!


  1. Excellent - love Peter Pig stuff, this looks great.

    Who needs a Governor General for a power transition?

  2. Ha, what a great little story for the little chap!

  3. Those berets are suitably spiffy!

  4. "All the nice girls love a dictator...if they know what's best for them"

    Nice work Clint :)

  5. Nice work Clint. I like that you included a base of him in his post dictatorship career.

  6. It is a tough thankless job sheparding minions! ;)
    cracking entry, Clint! Retirement is shocking(and probably sudden) in the Dictator gig! ;)