Monday, 6 March 2017

AdamC: Armored Pikemen (71 Points)

 I picked these guys up on Ebay some time in the early 2000s I have no idea who made them.  I had painted up a few and sold them off.  These guys lingered because they just weren't that fun to paint and I didn't have a need for them.
 Now with Pikeman's lament coming out I now have the opportunity to use them.  The Flag is a Spanish one from the 17th century it's associated with the battle of Ricroi
  I did the armor in plate armor gray-black the helmets and chain are in sliver I did the ther clothing items in various browns grays and blacks.  Note one fellow has a halbard.
 Another guy has this odd polearm? perhaps a mace or maybe its a some jangly musical instrument
The armor also has some trim in bronze that shows up better on the backs than the fronts.  I have 14 figures here and they are 25mm figures for 70 Points with a possible 71 with the flag.

MilesR: It's not a possible +1 for the flag, it's a definite.  Although I see you're back to you multiple posts thing per Monday.  With mini's this nice I shall choose to overlook your transgression.  Nicely done.


  1. Thank you and I will combine them in the future. Sorry about that.

  2. Great to see pikemen on the site!

  3. Very nice unit. I am sure that pikemen need jangly musical things to keep in step.

  4. Nice pikeman, Adam! It is nice to see you got a use for them. They look very fine in the grey and bright plate!