Tuesday, 27 February 2018

From: BrettM - British and Soviets WW2 (182 points)

First up we have some British vehicles.

This was from Monty's Hounds set. Still working on the troops from the set.

Nothing special on these guys. Tried to use Decals I have for Britain. However they must be too old as they kept tearing. So will need to add them whenever I get around to buying some more.

Nothing to crazy with the tanks either, I do like the brown on the turret of the tank.

Can't really see the tracks. Did what I have been doing on tank tracks lately. Painting Brown and using Nuln Oil twice on them.

Now onto the Soviets:

First time Painting Soviets for WW2. I painted some of the Team Yankee Soviets already. Not to much different with the uniforms from what I could tell. Could be totally off.

 Also first time using a Vallejo Texture for the Base. Took a bit more work like how it turned out though.

Nothing to crazy on these 15mm. Mainly only uniform and webbing have highlights on them. Rest was just a base colour. All together there is 12 vehicles at 72 points  and 55 infantry at 110 points for a total of 182 points.

Brett, your brushes must be glowing hot after painting so much eye-candy! Very nice indeed. The British armour must be my favourite; they look the part and like they are able to punch any enemy defensive line. There's nothing wrong with your Soviet's, they look perfectly authentic to me. The Valejo texture paint is an acquired taste: I use it a lot on buildings in smooth layers, but for basing I guess you need thicker spreads. That takes a while I suppose, anyway the time spent really does make the bases look good. All these fine miniatures will bring you 182 points closer to your target for sure! 


  1. Nice soviets and it's always good to see some comets!
    Best Iain

  2. Solid work, Brett, great assortment of troops and vehicles!

  3. Great work, Brett! A fantastic and impressive tally of painted figures and vehicles, there!