Tuesday, 27 February 2018

From: KentG - )28mm Napoleonic infantry, the imp,38mm Samurai, Carthaginian Elephants & 110mm Praetorian Behemoth, (420 points)

Hello everyone well this entry is quite a mixed bag of figures
covering a wide rage from ancients to sci-fi. It's been a busy painting week this week but a fun one so I hope you enjoy my efforts.

Ok first up we have 10 stands of French infantry 60 figures in total
and I must say I'm pleased to say that this is the end of the line infantry.
I've started the skirmishers so there will be more to come, but not line infantry yippee! One of my aims was to complete these figures in the challenge. 

Second up is the imp, this figure was part of the Goliath and imp boxset from the 
Warzone chronicles a nicely detailed figure and fun to paint

The next entry is once again from the Warzone collection
samurai these guys are 38mm so a little bigger than I'm used to but the detail on them is quite fine so probably harder to paint than the 28mm I've been doing.

 This next batch are part of the Carthaginian job that I started at the beginning 
of the competition and are the first two of four elephants that I have to do.
 I have learnt heaps as I did them and I'm looking forward to the next two.

And then we have the Praetorian Behemoth this chap is 110mm high
and I really enjoyed painting it. The client wants the skin grey instead of reddish 
and he wants all the bases bare as he isn't sure how he wants the collection based yet.

Now for the challenge of working out points, I'm going to need help I think
60 x 28mm French 300 pts
1x 28mm imp 5 pts
5x 38mm samurai i think 6 points each = 30 pts
not sure for the 2 x elephants i know three crew 30pts plus elephants ?
1 x 110mm Praetorian Behemoth 20 Points
Total of 420

That's right folks! Just when you think he cannot flabbergast you more, he just goes and does this: a few Frenchmen, an Imp, a couple of elephants and a BEHEMOTH?! While the French are superbly done I would like to have a closer look at the rest of the figures in the entry. The Imp is very well done, but that said Warzone surely have a different outlook on what I would call an Imp, to me it looks more like a ghoul or zombie. Not withstanding that the painting is very good mind you. The elephants usually go for 30 points with crew included, but for the extra detailing you've done on these I am going to reward you some bonus points.For the Samurai I am going with your estimate of 6 points each, they are after all somewhere in between the 28mm and 40mm range. The Behemoth is 110mm so pointswise he's the equivalent of 2 54mm figures i.e. 20 points. These will be added tonight. Cheers Sander


  1. How do you do it? Amazing quality of figs AND a huge amount. Those elephants are wonderful - makes me want to start a Carthaginian army this minute.

  2. Yet more really nice french infantry, I like the grey on the ghoul, the skin tone is great on the sci fi monster but love the elephants,they're great!
    Best Iain

  3. Ridiculous. Just amazing, The elephants are fantastics

  4. Impressive output once again Kent - lovely painting :)

  5. Wow - Kent steamroller keeps rolling. Love those Frenchmen, but the Heffalump is my favourite. What make is he?

  6. Superb stuff KENT.. cracking Nelllies!

  7. Very, very cool. Great collection of stuff. Cheers

  8. Oh GOSH - incredible work, Kent! Really marvelous quality and quantity. I love the howdahs on the elephants... really terrific and a true-stand out. Top work (and very inspiring!)

  9. Much as the Napoleonics press my buttons, those elephants are just something else. Superb work - keep it up.

    Richard C

  10. Awesome work Kent! Love the French, but I also like the elephant and that Barsoom-like multiarmed alien. Wonderful!

  11. Sweet Suffering Jeebus. How?!