Tuesday, 27 February 2018

From: NoelW - ECW (595 points)

Having seen Kent's amazing post last week, I was inspired to see how many points I could manage in a single week, if I focused on nothing else and gave up sleeping and eating. I wanted to finish enough ECW figures to give myself a game - which really meant something close to 100 figures.

Apologies again for my lack of photographic skills. There's some pretty poor offerings here.
Firstly, Scots cavalry (6 figs and a general):

And a block of infantry to support them (28 figures):

A white regiment (probably to be Newcastle's), (17 figures):

A purple regiment (17 figures):

The rest of a red regiment, begun in a previous post (10 figures):

Two guns with eight crew (in a lousy photo):

And finally dragoons - six mounted and nine on foot:

Together with the figures previously posted, I've pretty much painted two (small) ECW armies so far within the Challenge, which is a really pleasing achievement for me. There's more to paint, of course, but there's enough to give dragoons, generals, a gun, a dozen cavalry and five foot regiments per side - certainly a decent game there.

Figures are a mix of Warlord plastics and Perry metals. That's two guns, 13 mounted figures and 89 foot, making, if my maths is right, 15x10 and 89x5, for a total of 595 points. Not quite the 600 I was hoping for, but there are several figures almost complete which will go forward to next week, too. 

Sheesh Noel, what a whopper of a post today! You have been a busy little bee haven't you? Well I must say I really dig your ECW project and these figures are no exception. The colourful regiments of Foot and all those specialists like the Horse and the Guns are very nice indeed. The pictures are indeed a bit dark but they cannot hide that you have reached a very high level of painting and basing is excellent too. I hope to see many more of these lovely figures in the remaining two weeks. Cheers Sander


  1. Epic bomb. I harboured thoughts of catching you up. That plan has bit the dust. Go get Kent.

    1. Martin - I think Kent is safe. I had to suspend life for a week to get close to 600. And I never found striking gave me enough time to paint much - I've had to retire from academia to get time for decent painting. Good luck with the UCU action - absolutely necessary.

  2. Boom! Incoming points bomb. Well done Noel, I'd like to see yourECW kit I table for an action.

  3. What a stonker of an entry Noel - great work! :)

  4. "I gave up sleeping and eating" - well done!!

  5. I'm glad I inspired you to become a painting zombie, nicely done my friend great painting bomb

  6. You'd better get something to eat and then get some kip! Lovely big ECW post, great work!
    Best Iain

  7. Bloody hell, Noel, that's more in one submission than I've got lined up for the entire Challenge! Well done!

  8. Fantastic work, Noel, and really inspiring. I love that you took this on and gave it a great shake - and I think the results are absolutely brilliant. Pretty incredible to go from a standing start to 595 points in a week, and all painting being completed on tricky, lacy, sword-knotted, feather-fluffing, doublet-wearing ECW figures as well. Really a terrific project and a great piece of work.

    And really inspiring seeing so many Challengers doing all-in like this. Top marks, Sir!!!