Sunday, 25 January 2015

From AlanD - 6mm ECW Royalists (92 Points)

It has been a big week for tiny men, as I managed to get finished another 5 regiments of Royalist foot from Baccus for Paul of the Man Cave's army.

I'm getting to the satisfying point with these little chaps where I've done enough for them to look very rewarding en masse. If you haven't tried painting 6mm before, I suggest giving it a go, but withholding judgement until you've painted about 6 or so bases. Then line them all up together, and I think you'll find yourself going 'oooh!'

Five bases with 36 figures each means 180 figures, which should give me 90 points.


  1. Sorry for this being buried Dux, but you must have tried to publish this before your submission date (and aborted) as Blogger has remembered the timestamp.

    These look wonderful! I actually do have some sub-15s on the workbench but I think I'm going to get buried by you and Tamsin!

    BTW where did you get the flags?

  2. Ahhh, that explains where the mysterious 92 points in your total came from. And it saves me from embarrassing myself by sending Curt an email querying your tally.

    You have had a very productive week Alan, what with these, the half tracks and the Seljuk cavalry. I'm definitely going to have to pull my finger out this week and next if I want to win our side-bet :)

    Nice work on the teeny tiny Kings men. You're spot on that anyone who hasn't painted 6mm should give it a go for a few bases and see the mass effect when they are done.

    Curt - I think the flags are from Baccus. they look like the ones on the "Oxford" sheet.

  3. Ah there they are! Yes, Tamsin is right about the flags.

  4. This is the most exciting gaming related thing I have seen all week :-)

    Lovely work mate, I can't wait to unleash them on your Roundheads!