Tuesday, 20 January 2015

From JamesR - A few Prussian Landwehr (35 points)


I only managed to finish a seven Prussian Landwehr troops.

Whoops, didn't capture the whole unit.

The tall guys are Warlord plastic Prussian Landwehr.  I had a few left over from when I originally painted the box up.

I have no idea who produced the little guy, but he looks a bit like a Prussian.  My Prussian recruiting office allowed him to join up.

Here they are marching off to the right.

Till next time, when I hope to bring you some Cthulhu goodness.


From Curt:

Haha! This is a great entry James!  You really should have saved it up for the 'Comedic' theme round.  

Your Prussians are very well-painted, but I've always had a problem with how huge the mits are on these models - they're absolutely monstrous! In fact your 'little corporal' looks more in proportion than these schnitzel-fed boys from Silesia. Nevertheless, Old Blucher will no doubt welcome the new drafts. Well done! 

Now, bring on your tentacly Cthulhu goodness!


  1. These look great - but that little guy is awesome. Hilarious! Great entry.

  2. Love the figures and your painting of them is great


  3. Very nice James. :)

    I'm going to hazard a guess that the little fellow is a Flintloque min from Alternative Armies

  4. That gave me a laugh this morning! OK I have minimal interest in Napoleonics but these have turned out very nicely. Very nice James.

  5. Wonderful work, Baconfat! Of course now I'm left with memories of the Three Stooges/ Laurel and Hardy/ Marx bros/ eetc ...join the army! ;)
    Thanks for the direction too, Tamsin! I'll have to give Flintlocke a gander now!

  6. Nice work! That little fellow is awesome.

  7. Great work!! Love the little fella!

  8. Nice work! The little guy really blends into the unit. LOL

  9. Great painting, though agree with Curt that the hands on these are rather large!