Friday, 2 January 2015

From MikeP - 15mm Soviet T34 76/85 Tanks (37 points)

Continuing my Soviet spree, I have five 15mm T34s from Plastic Soldier Company.  These, with a previously completed box, gives me a full company for my glorious little Red Army.  The nice thing about this PSC kit is that it includes turrets for both the early war T34/76 and the late war T34/85.

They were airbrushed in Vallejo Russian Green surface primer, treated with Army Painter Strong Tone, then dry brushed with successive shades of VJ Russian Green mixed with white.  Tracks in Army Painter Gun Metal with a wash of VJ Panzer Aces rust.  I added a few bits of stowage from a RAFM stowage kit.    I applied some VJ earth shade pigment on the tracks, bogeys and lower hull.  The bases are because I like the look of them, but they also have magnets on the back for storage in a cookie tin.  I move a lot, and I like having things stored away.

The only real special thing with my work on these models is the turret slogans, copied from this website of Soviet propaganda slogans.  I don't speak Russian and I don't understand Cyrillic, so if there are any Russian speakers in the Challenge, please let me know what you think.


"To the West!"

"They Will Not Pass!"

"Fight to the Death!"

"Glory!"(I wanted to do the full slogan, Glory to the Red Army, but that was a lot of characters.  I figured Glory would do.)

I'll be happy with 30 points for these, and will happily take any extra points for the second set of turrets.

I wish all my fellow Challengers a very happy new year.

From Curt:Very nice work Mike. I really like the weathering you've done on these, and the addition of stowage and the patriotic slogans are just terrific. I also like basing my vehicles that are 15mm or smaller. I find it helps to keep them safe from getting mashed together and I like the option of tarting up the bases with terrain/crew etc. 
I'm awarding you some additional points for the extra turrets and for the commanders. AND you're now past your half-way point for your points target. Well done!!


  1. It's certainly a Russian winter offensive.

    Excellent work Padre :)

  2. Nicely weathered armor, the slogans really add to them!

  3. Gotta love the T34 - easy to build, great ballistic shape, rough-as-guts finish, but it did the job.

    Great work on these weatherbeaten foes of the Fascist Beast, Michael! The slogans and the weathered finish have certainly captured the bloodied-but-unbowed character of the Soviet tank forces.

  4. My favourite tanks.. Good work on these.

  5. The weathering on those really makes them look lived in. Very nicely done. I like the slogans on them as well. It's just that one extra touch that brings them to life.

  6. work is very good. inscriptions on the tank turret spelled correctly. but you have mixed the official slogans and that ordinary people wrote. usually wrote something simple, or a place where someone made a tank. for example: НА БЕРЛИН! or БЕЙ ФАШИСТОВ! or КОМСОМОЛЕЦ МОРДОВИИ or write the number of the tank

    1. particularly interesting so-called "name" tanks, production of which was carried out on a donation to a person or group of persons. Sometimes it happens that these people themselves and fought for these tanks. in any case, they came up with the name of this tank. for example: ЧАПАЕВ, СУВОРОВ, ЧЕЛЯБИНСКИЙ ПИОНЕР, КОЛХОЗНИК, АКТЮБИНСКИЙ ПЕНСИОНЕР

    2. Thank you tovarich Alex, that's very helpful. I'm making a note of this for future tank production.
      Spasibo, Michael

  7. If you keep showing me such nice 15mm WW2 Russians my resolve will crumble. Excellent work.

  8. Fabulous work on these beasts! The turret slogans are a nice touch.

  9. Excellent work! Those look great. I would have thought those slogans were decals if you hadn't of said.

  10. These are great the additional work really paid off


  11. Gotta love a '34. Great work mate.

  12. Thanks all. I will enjoy being in the top twenty for a few more days. :)