Friday, 16 January 2015

From SanderS - Victoriana Anyone? (60 Points)

Dear Ladies and Gents,

Here's some Victorian figures I originally intended to include in my entry for the Victorian Bonus Round, but wasn't able to finish in time.

The first picture shows you West Winds "Black Mariah" prison wagon.

Next are some miniatures from several producers including North Star, Ironclad and more West Wind.

Cheers Sander

From Curt:

Excellent entry Sander! I really like your 'paddy wagon' (though the driver needs some reigns or they'll never make it to the Big House). Was it resin, metal or a combination?

The figures are very characterful as well. I especially like the boozer in the trews and the last copper with his hands held stoically behind his back (what's that hose-thing on his belt?). 

Great work and congratulations on meeting your Challenge target! As per your instruction I've set your new target to 1000 points - good luck!


  1. Very nice work Sander.

    That Black Maria just calls out for Sean Connery- and Donald Sutherland-esque figures crewing it

  2. The ruffians and coppers look very nice, but that carriage is really well done!

  3. Nice stuff Sander. The wood grain on the weapons is excellent...

  4. That police wagon is especially nice - well done that man!

  5. Very nice work. That police coach is great.

  6. I like that prison wagon and it would have been a competitive entry for the Theme Round. I really like that last copper. That beard would be enough to make any man proud!

  7. The paddy-wagon is superb, as is the very "not Sgt Arthurton from Ripper St" ginger-bearded Policeman.

    Pip pip

  8. @ Curt: the wagon is indeed a combination of Resin hull and metal wheels and details and fits together very well. I have several more but have no intentions of fiddling reins and other harness stuff onto them. While I agree it would greatly improve the general look of the thing, it is really beyond my meagre modelling skills and with rough gaming handling it would only get damaged. The ropey thing on the belt of, what is indeed in my eyes Sergeant Arthurton, is supposed to be the power cord for his powered truncheon, I decided to try to paint it like it's just a rope because removing it would create a lot of a mess on the model.

    @the other ladies and gentlemen, thanks for the replies. For some reason Blogger won't allow me to react to each comment through the appropriate reply button but your comments are truly appreciated.

  9. The prison on wheels is great and my favourite figure is the guy with his fist in the air


  10. Really cool figures and really nice painting. The police wagon is very nice. The dude with his fist in the air looks like he just did a face melting guitar solo on his rifle. :) cheers

  11. Great stuff, Sander. The three hoodlums look like they could also be used in a Gangs of New York scenario - I've always wanted to do the NYC Draft Riots of 1863, and they'd be ideal. The Paddy Wagon is first rate.

  12. Great work, especially on the plaids. I thought about plaid for my Victorian entry, but chickened out at the last minute.