Saturday, 24 January 2015

From TamsinP - 15mm Neu Swabian League Strom Gepanzerte Sturmtruppen (84 Points)

A bit more 15mm SciFi goodness for you. This time a bunch of 15mm NSL power armour troops from GZG.

At the club, there are only a couple of us playing 15mm SciFi and we have settled on Gruntz for our ruleset. We've also opted for group basing for the ordinary squads of infantry, for ease of play. It also means you can use 3 or 4 figures on a base to represent a squad of 6-8 troops. Troops in basic infantry squads normally have the same weapon, but each squad can also have 2 support weapons attached. I'm using 20mm hexes for squad attachments (none on this group).

It's a bit different with power armour troops, as their armour allows every trooper to carry a support weapon, but you have to pay for each figure with them rather than once for the whole squad.

You can also have specialists with heavy support weapons (or engineers, medics, artillery observers etc). I'm mounting these on 30mm hexes or 40mm for crew served weapons and small vehicles such as grav bikes.

Leaders are mounted on 40mm octagonal bases.

But that's enough background blather, on with the post.

This entry consists of 42 figures and will either represent a company (one base = 1 squad) or a reinforced platoon (at 2 bases = 1 squad). There are a commander, 5 specialists (3 missile launcher troops and 2 sub-commanders/observers) plus 6 plasma gun squads and 6 SAW squads.

Commander and Sub-Commanders:

To help with identifying bases for record keeping, I've added markings on the left shoulder (company, platoon, squad) and rank markings on the right shoulder.

As you can see, they have various arm positions - the arms come on sprues and are very fiddly (and easily lost when they ping out of your forceps!). This is really good for creating some variety in the unit as there are only 2 body variants.

On their backs they have jump packs which are also provided on sprues. The commanders have the version with sensor and comms modules on top.

Missile specialists:

Just in case they encounter any enemy armour or bunkers, it's useful to have these missile launcher troops. These guys have jump packs with sensor modules only.

Which leaves the basic grunts of the company. Each squad will have 4 troopers armed with adapted assault rifles and 2 with squad attachment support weapons - either a heavy plasma rifle or a SAW. Their jump packs have shoulder mounted rocket/grenade launder modules for a bit of extra firepower.

Plasma Squads:

SAW Squads:

I will probably get a couple more packs of the support weapons to base up as specialists and maybe as all-SAW/plasma squads.

I do have about a company's worth of their non-power armoured comrades to paint up at some point. I am tempted to try painting them all up for next Saturday...

So, 42 figures should give me 84 points. I won't be greedy and ask Curt to take into consideration that they are much bigger than standard 15s.

From Curt:

Very cool figures Tamsin. I have an ancient copy of 'Gruntz' in my rules library and should give it a perusal as I have a lot of these types of figures kicking their heels doing nothing.

I quite like the fellows with the white ('please, shoot me') coms modules on their jump packs. They are probably issued with preemptory wound badges. ;)

Good work!


  1. More great stuff. Cool colour scheme:)

  2. Very nice. The orange visors are a nice eye catcher.

  3. That is a lot of hardsuits! I rather like the green with orange visors! I've never seen them before, they look nearly like what Heinlein described in Starship Troopers! ;)

  4. Interesting and nicely painted. Cheers

  5. I will stick to "Stargrunt2" for rules but I would like to try "Gruntz" Nice horde of NSL Power guys. Good job.

  6. Cool force Tamsin, like the look of them and the almost arid basing of them


  7. Pretty nice, they remind me of Clan Elementals from CBT.

  8. That's a honking great load of power armour Tamsin. It looks really impressive lined up like that. Enough to make any opponent think twice!

    I'm interested to see your opinion of Gruntz. Make sure you post the odd AAR on your blog please.

  9. Great painting Tamsin, I like the green and orange combination on these.

  10. You gave been busy... Another great job.

  11. Some heavy stuff Tamsin - nicely done.

  12. @ Curt - Gruntz is a good set of rules; much easier to get the hang of than Tomorrows War. You should definitely dust off your copy.
    As for the light grey sensor pods, well, if it makes them a target it makes them a target. They're wearing heavy armour so it will take a lot to hurt them :)

    @ Martin C - cheers! :)

    @ Moiterei - thanks! The visors are actually copper, but the metallic look doesn't seem to have come out in the pics.

    @ David B - nah, it's only 42 of them! ;)
    I was thinking more along the lines of the Forever War or Old Man's War (haven't read Starship Troopers)

    @ Brendon - thanks :)

    @ Clint - cheers! You should definitely give Gruntz a try :)

    @ Ian - thanks! I went for a fairly arid look so that they can fit in on different terrain types. It was tough trying to restrict the size and number of patches of static grass I added. And then drybrush them with flesh paint.

    @ Sander - thanks. CBT?

    @ Millsy - it's not that many. I think the company needs a couple more platoons ;)
    I've got a game lined up for Thursday night, so will try to get an AAR posted. I like the rules - they play fast and are easy to learn, whilst allowing you to heavily customise your own forces.

    @ Juan - thanks! :)

    @ Peter - cheers! The colour combo does work well :)

    @ Dave - of course I've been busy - I'm me! ;)

    @ Dannoc - cheers. I think your NSL need some of these as reinforcements :)

  13. Great work Tamsin. I haven't tried Gruntz, but you make a compelling case.