Tuesday, 17 February 2015

From AdamC - 15mm Jagers D'Argent (18 Points)

This is a new unit for my Imagi-Nation the Grand Duchy D'Argent.   The Jagers are an elite unit of sharpshooters recruited from the gamekeepers on the Dukes own land and supplement by sharpshooters drawn form other regiments.

The Uniform is gray the traditional color of the infantry troops of the Duchy with green cuffs, turn-backs and small cloths.

The Jagers are Essex Austrians but the officer is an Old Glory Russian but he seemed to fit

There are 8 Jagers and one Officer, so a total of 9 15mm figures for 18 points.


  1. You certainly do know how to keep up a steady pace Adam. Another fine entry from you. Keep going!!!!

  2. Jagers, what I wish Perry would make for Austrians in 28mm. Nice work!

  3. I really like this imagi-nation theme. I wish I could get my players on board with the concept, but they are all pretty much stuck in the mud!

  4. Nice bunch of sharpshooters, keep them coming


  5. Nice color choice! I like the detail on the 15mm, gotta 'finish' my Peninsular War stuff first though!

  6. The grey with green facings is a very nice colour combination for the uniforms. How many units are you aiming for in this campaign or is it largely story-driven?

    1. A little of both. The main army is actually complete I am sort of building out specialist units and secondary formations. By that I mean militia units or units raised by local nobles (mostly named for friends or family members). My Nephew has the Prince William's Dragoons for example so each time a new little nipper is born I have a new painting project. I use the the list mostly with Maurice so I follow that build process when making an army for a battle.