Friday, 20 February 2015

From SeanS - 40mm Zombies!? (56 Points)

I finished these yesterday but didn't have time to draft the post what with Field Day at school, Chinese New Year and an evening of San Soo. Happy year of the Ram/ Sheep/ Goat (depending on your bias) to every one. 恭喜发财.

Anyway, here are eight Zombies from that EMCE Zombies vs. Zombie Hunters set.

I decided not to go with the sloppy drybrush technique and went with more of a shade, mid, highlight approach. I screwed it up and some areas and partially saved it with a combination of grunge and straight black washes.

This group looks a little more pristine than the ones I did for Zombtober. I added the Tamiya Clear Red gore after the Vallejo Matt varnish and the ink I added did not dirty the blood up enough. The only other addition was those GW tufts to my regular flock and static grass on the base. I tired a few different sizes. Some glued down better than others.

Just a group shot of those done to date. Eight Zombies for today's entry, the four survivors for the last one, and the seven done during Zombtober.

We'll see if I can pull the Comedic round out of my butt.

From Curt:

That last sentence had me do the one-eyed cringe. Let's pray for you that it's a small theme round... :)

This is a lovely(?) group of huge(!) zombies Sean!. It's nice to see undead painted in defined layers as opposed to the now-common quickshade method. Also, I really like the blueish grey fleshtone you've created for them - what's your recipe for that? It looks marvelously hideous.

Great work!


  1. Taking the extra time to really paint these paid off. They look marvelous.

    I finished painting my figures for the Comedic Round at 3:00 this morning. Now I've to photograph them. Best wishes on getting yours done!

  2. A lot of zeds again this year. Great work Sean :)

  3. They look suitably rotten! Good job!

  4. Great stuff Sean. Happy New Year to you too!

  5. Thank you Anne, Tamsin, David and Millsy. The general recipe is to use greys. I used Delta ceramcoat acrylics. Charcoal for shade, Hippo for mid and Rain for highlight. For a final highlight on the face I use Americana slate green. I did tone the layers down with my modified zombie grunge wash. 2:2:2:1 raw umber, burnt umber, green, black. I felt that some of the rain grey had not thinned right and were too harsh, so I hit them with an additional black wash. Fear not Curt, no proctology needed. Just going to have to blitz these figures to get them done. Again.

  6. Always good to see some zombies on the table. While the scale may be wrong for me to use it does not stop me admiring them. I would like to see more, many more, many many more.

  7. What a great looking bunch


  8. Great painting work, a fantastic bunch of poor creatures.

  9. These are great, what a good idea to have them in 40mm!