Tuesday, 3 March 2015

From GregB - Another 40k/30k Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section (100 Points)

Solar Auxilia from Forge World
Well it has been slower going these past couple of weeks, but I haven't stopped painting yet, still aiming for my 1500 point target.  To help me along, here is another 20-man Solar Auxilia Lasrifle Section, 28mm resin figures from Forge World.  These figures are part of GW's "Horus Heresy" setting, often referred to as "30k".

Command group - officer a back left, comms fellow kneeling in front, vexilla on the right
Another view of the command group
This unit is practically identical to the first unit I painted for the Challenge, part of a budding force of Loyalist troops who will make a stand at some point against Horus and his pretenders. The Solar Auxilia are deployed in platoons called "tercios" in the game (I think a "tercio" was a type of unit used by Spain back in their Imperial heyday?).  Each "tercio" has three sections of troops - either these regular troopers or some veterans.

A selection of individual troopers
Rear view of the same three fellows
 With the exception of the officer, all of these fellows are armed with lovely baroque-looking lasrifles.  The Forge World game writers went through a lot of trouble to give an appearance in the rules that these lasrifles might amount to something in the game itself (you can augment them with a "collimator" - sounds more like a medical procedure, but I digress).  But don't fool yourself - these guys will die by the bucket-load, particularly going up against Legion Space Marines.

Officer on the right, with comms guy assisting in direction of the section

Another view of the firing line
 But they look great! And when you ditch the 7th edition rules and play Rogue Trader instead, they are a lot of fun on the table top too.

Love those wonky back packs, with the pulley/bellows thing (respirator is my guess, but who knows or cares?)
I like the little "canteen" (at least I think it is a canteen) hanging on the hips of many of the Solar Auxilia
Is he changing the "collimator" perhaps?
Many lovely poses in the package
As before, I am totally smitten with these figures.  The sculpting is tremendous (even if the casting quality, as usual with Forge World, can be a bit uneven).  The mix of themes influencing the sculpting is fun and pulled off perfectly.  Even better, these figures are refreshingly free of the stupid skulls and other childishly gloomy iconography which have come to plague nearly all of GW's figure design over the years.

Here are all of the Solar Auxilia painted so far - 40 troops

This represents 2/3 of a "tercio" for the Solar Auxilia
Each Solar Auxilia "tercio" has three units, and the third one is up in the painting queue.  However, a sudden painting diversion has appeared as I attempt a "crash" project for a completely different period, game style and scale...stay tuned for more on that (and lets hope I can get it done in time...)  In the interim, these 20 fellows should give me a 100 points, and get me past the 1000 point barrier.

From Curt:

I love these figures Greg and your paintjobs elevate them even more - absolutely terrific stuff.  I really like the blue and grey of their fabrics set against the brass and steel of their armour and equipment.  The 'rebreather hoses' from their helmets also give them that quasi- steampunk look about them - very cool. (And the officer with his helmet visor up is brilliant as well.)

So, in the suggested Forgeworld fluff/rules, what makes these fellows different from the later period Imperial Guard? I know that sometimes the tech is actually better with the 30K subjects due to humanity's loss of technological memory and the stagnancy of innovation experienced following the Heresy. Do these follow along in that same theme?

I love that they use the term 'tercio'. I wonder if they use (or will use) 'battalia', 'caracoles' and 'bandes'?

Great work Greg!


  1. Ooh! I love those. Like you say, they look terrific without all the skulls and silly oversized weapons. Your paint job is terrific. I know nothing about the setting - did you choose the colour scheme?

    1. Thanks very much! The colour scheme was basically chosen at random, although a perusal of most Imperial Guard stuff I have will reveal a lot of blue, so that is why their-non armoured bits are blue and grey.

  2. Nice work Greg! :)

    @ Curt - not to forget "colonella" ;)

  3. These are great, very Steam Punk in style


  4. These are downright brilliant!

  5. Cracking stuff Greg. Wonderful sculpts and beautifully painted. I really like the bronze colouring you've used, it has a real old-school Flash Gordon kind of feel to it.

  6. Great brushwork on these and the way you based them is gorgeous.

  7. Excellent work Greg! Lovely figures and your paintjob really does them justice.

  8. I did like your first unit so much I did an immediate eBay search before sanity gripped me. These have got to be in contention for the best unit if not figures in this years challenge.

    1. Thank you for the kind words Clint. But if you let "sanity" influence your decisions, you will never enjoy this hobby! :)

  9. Beautiful work, Greg! (as usual!)

  10. Those look really nice, Greg! They also temptme more than the 30k marines....perhaps 10 or 40 just to kick the tires on them. I could always use them as Necromundia noble house troops! ;)

  11. Very well done! The brass looks terrific.

  12. Great brass effect on these, nice and battleworn.

  13. Absolutely gonzo. 30K all the way! :)

  14. This is just such a fantastic project, I don't want it to end. I think my favorite is the vexilia. (sp?) Perhaps GW will trademark Tercio now.