Thursday, 12 March 2015

From PhilH - An Aside

Keen-eyed followers of the AHPC may have noticed a drop-off in my productivity. As in 'dropped off a cliff'. After finishing the Carabineros I fancied a change, so hit the terrain as a 'brief' diversion. Too many days later, I've finished off these nine Jump-off Points for 15mm Chain of Command, era-appropriate supplies mounted on 40mm round mdf bases. 

These are really nice pieces, a set called 'stacked supplies' from Baueda, though I got mine from Magister Militum, who charged rather less postage. The details are great and varied for a pretty reasonable price. 

They are submitted to mark my lack of productivity, but while I would hope they will be worth 100 points to push me within reach of my target, the esteemed Mr. Campbell will no doubt 'zero' them as terrain pieces. Still, I am glad to get these off the table as CoC gets played regularly so I should really be fully equipped for it. 

From Curt:

While they may score as a zero in the Challenge their true value is worth at least double that. 

Oh wait... ;)

Seriously, those are some nice markers you made there Mr. Hawkins.


  1. Those look great. Really useful little markers

  2. While I understand the no points for terrain rules. I do appreciate them.

  3. Good bunch of markers and I have been also feeling the need to do something else to ease the pain


  4. Nice work... sometimes demands of gaming get in the way of challenge painting, but its well worth it when you get to use them in your next game.