Thursday, 24 December 2015

From GregB - Epic 30k Sons of Horus Space Marines (45 points)

Horus for hope! XVI Legion marines, the Sons of Horus

Building on the theme from my first entry, here are some more Epic Space Marines, 6mm figures for GW's "Horus Heresy" setting.  These troops are from the XVIth Legion, the "Sons of Horus", and as you might quickly surmise, they sided with (surprise!) Horus during the Horus Heresy wars.  Given that it was their own boss launching the challenge to the Emperor, these fellows played a pretty central role in the fighting.

A "talon" of dreadnoughts - equipped with an assortment of heavy weapons
As with my first entry, this one includes a selection of figures scored on Ebay and some models which are not available commercially.

Legion tactical marines with their Rhino APCs
There are two 20-man tactical squads and a pair of 10-man heavy weapon squads in this submission.  Also three dreadnoughts (armoured walkers which provide support in firefights and close assaults, depending on what they are equipped with), four Rhino APCs, and two Land Raiders.

Forward for the Warmaster!
Land Raider, ready to roll
While painting the yellow on the Imperial Fists took a bit a figuring out, I've already painted quite a few Sons of Horus in 28mm, so painting these fellows goes really, really fast - there are number of other troops and tanks not included here because they were painted prior to the start of the Challenge this year - I'll put a group photo over on the blog a little later on.

Heavy weapon marines - missile launchers and heavy bolters
There is still a LOT of Epic 30k stuff sitting in the painting queue, but we have the basics in place for a game of Epic 30k sometime in the New Year with the Fawcett Avenue Conscripts - I will be looking forward to that.

An old-school, original version, plastic Space Marine Land Raider - fun models to paint
With 60 infantry, six vehicles and the three dreadnoughts (which I will suggest be counted, in this scale, as artillery pieces, points-wise) this submission should net me 45 points. 

Merry Christmas everyone - may the warmth of the Warmaster's all-encompassing glow and deep commitment to positive change for the galaxy fill your homes with joy, mirth and extra ammunition...Horus for Hope!

Gorgeous work Greg! I love the Legion iconography on the Land Raiders, just fabulous. What will be the next contingent for this project?


  1. inspiring work... gonna check my leadpile of epic.

  2. Some more Epic goodness! Keep it coming.

  3. Love it. I'm definitely going to start looking into Epic for 2016.

  4. After all those Imperial Fists, a Horus of a different colour indeed! How do you manage such detail? Admirable work!

  5. Brilliant, your making me want to pick up some epic forces, it has a special place in my heart as my route into wargaming via Adeptus Titanicus many moons ago.

  6. very nice Greg. I prefer these to the previous Yellow Land Raider/Rhinos. They are testing my resolve.

  7. Really nice painting work. These small figures are fantastic.

  8. These are ... well epic ;-)

    Lovely looking figures and tanks


  9. Japanese schoolgirl: mimimimimimimi ^^

  10. Love that oxidised copper green colour Greg. Just gorgeous!

  11. Your figures are lovely, and have me hoping that 'Epic' is one of the specialist games GW is going to bring back!

  12. "Horus: Make the Empire Great Again"...

    Great to see those old-school Land Raiders in there. Looking forward to basking in lots more Epic goodness!

  13. Really excellent strike force, Greg! That hue is really nice on them and the vicks!

  14. Fantastic - I'm intrigued by your " not commercially available" comment as those marines look really nice and more posed and varied than the plastics I'm aware of. Mind you, I haven't really looked at Epic in a while. And I find myself 90 points behind in the 30k challenge! I need to get a move on.....

  15. Green - much easier on the eye than your previous yellow mob! :0

    Nice painting Greg :)

  16. Amazing painting on those small figures. I really like the colour scheme and the basing.