Sunday, 20 December 2015

From TamsinP - Frankly My Dears (5 points)

I thought that I'd do my level best to get a figure submitted on the first day of the Challenge. But then I promptly spent several hours this morning and afternoon faffing around doing some prep work and slopping grey basecoats onto my 6mm Confederate infantry, meaning that it wasn't until this evening that I got to start work on painting my first-day entry.

Now, over the past few months I've been watching Christy Beall's videos on the WS&S YouTube channel and wanted to try out her technique of highlighting with multiple very thin layers of each colour. Ohmygoodgawd it's time-consuming and frustrating, but the end result is well worth it. Sadly my photography doesn't really do it justice (a combination of not-brilliant camera, new setup and my lack of camera skills). the worst part for me with the paint-job was having to do some dirtying-up at the end.

Anyway, Frank has something to say to all those people who accuse me of being a painting robot/demon and suggesting that my target of 1000 points is some ploy to lull everyone into a false sense of security:

Yes, my first submission is Frank Gallagher from the original (ie UK version, starring David Threlfall) of Shameless.

For those who are unaware of this gem of British television, here is one of the series trailers:

A few more pics of the figure, which is from Hasslefree:

And as it is only a few days away from that special day when we stuff our faces with too much food, sloshed down with too much alcohol, here is Frank's alternative Christmas message (which was banned and never shown on TV):

Just the one 28mm figure, so only 5 points today, but at least I've made a start!

A beautiful Christmas message - I'm getting a little verklempt here (sniff)... ;)
Nice one Tamsin! You've done a brilliant job on Frank - I especially like how you did up the jeans and jacket, excellent work. I've not checked out the WS&S YouTube channel but I'm going to do so tonight (if I don't fall down unconscious first...).
5 Points! You're officially on the roster now, Ms P! (BTW, I still think you're blowing wind up our trousers with this '1000 Points' line. Yeah, right, what a bunch of malarky.) ;P


  1. That layering technique really worked well on this figure. Another great first day entry. Now you have tried it, I trust you will use the same method on the 6mm figures!

  2. Nice one Tamsin! Frank is an absolutely useless human being, but he does grow on one.

    PS I've this same figure primed, based and sitting on my table. Crazy minds think alike :0)

  3. Lovely work, Tamsin, there's a characterful mini if ever there was one!

  4. Nice work. I often thought that he is an alternative Ozzy Osbourne if he never got in a successful band and made heaps of loot and travelled the world.

  5. "So what if I'm not an astronaut, or the Prime Minister, or a football player. I am Vernon Francis Gallagher. I came, I saw, I drank the f###ing lot." Brilliant

  6. Great work Tamsin! I'd never heard of that series before, but after those videos I definitely have to check it out. Seems like some good stuff.

  7. I don't like the subject, but I do like the painting. Good job.

  8. Recognised him straight away, good work


  9. 17 highlights? ;-)

    Fine painting Tamsin, good to see you on your way

  10. Now I need to check out this show :) Seems interesting, and a nice model to kick it off with as well :)

  11. We all have to start small and this is a big way of starting small I guess!

    1. Ha - you commented as I was replying to the others!

      Glad you like my opening figure. I think a big way of starting small would have been to submit an entire corps in 6mm, but that would have taken too long to submit on the first day! ;)

  12. Thanks guys - glad you like my kick-off figure! :)

    @ Curt - with all the work that went into doing the layered highlights on the jeans and jacket it was heartbreaking to then have to dirty them up with black/brown washes.
    Do check out the WS&S channel - Christy is currently doing a French cuirassier.

    @ Jonathan - the trouble with this technique is that the transitions are so smooth that they don't show up properly in the pics (but that might just be my camera and photography). As for using it on my thousand or so 6mm figures, but of course I will! ;)

    @ Anne - he isn't one of those characters you get to like straight away is he? As for our crazy minds, I think most folks have recognised that about us :)

    @ Evan - cheers! :)

    @ Miles - thanks! :)

    @ Alex - thank you! :)

    @ Brendon - cheers! I think Frank would have to do a lot more bad drugs to be a low-class Ozzy ;)

    @ Martin - glad you like him :)

    @ Samuli - I didn't get into it until very late (in fact it might have been after it ended and the repeats were showing) so I missed a lot of the fun.

    @ Clint - thanks! :)

    @ Francis - cheers big fella :)

    @ Michael A - ta, your Lordship :)

    @ Ian - he is quite recognisable, isn't he? Glad you like him :)

    @ Juan - thank you! :)

    @ Phyllion - only 5 shades each on the jacket and jeans, but with multiple thin layers, so probably around 17 highlights - you've corrupted me! *grin*

    @ Dave D - cheers! :)

    @ M R Lee - it's a good series, a bit bizarre at times, but worth watching. Some episodes at least are on YouTube.
    Glad you like the figure :)

  13. Great job Tamsin. I know what you mean about weathering. I always agonize about ruining my paint job.

  14. He looks great, Tamsin! I am looking forward to your Aztec Jaguar warriors, hope they got their warclubs ready! ;)

  15. Fantastic work Tamsin!!! What a great series that was too!

  16. @ Sean - thanks! It seemed a shame to do it, but for Frank it had to be done :(

    @ David B - cheers! They do have their war clubs ready (and waiting to be glued into their hands) :)

    @ Ray - thanks! I enjoyed the series once I got round to watching it :)

  17. Nice work Tamsin! Great to have you back on board again. Should make for some interesting three months ahead.

  18. That made me LOL. Well done!

  19. @ Moiterei - cheers and good to be back again for another year of lunacy :)

    @ Millsy - thanks! :)

  20. A jolly British start, indeed. Cheers!