Monday, 21 December 2015

From TamsinP - Read All About It! (30 points)

Well, with newspaper seller as part of this group, what else could my title possibly be? OK, so there's a chap with a leg of some meat so it could have been "Tamsin Hams It Up"...

Anyway, a productive day off work (I had a day which needed to be taken before Christmas) has seen me complete six civilians for my Mob Wars project. The figures are 28mm from Blue Moon. there are another six figures which I've made a start on, but I don't know if I'll manage to finish them before I head out of London for Christmas - they might get finished and submitted on Wednesday night.

Right, time for some close-up pics. Apologies for the crap photography - I think it might be time to get a proper light-tent.

So, six 28mm foot figures should give me 30 points.

What a wonderfully characterful mob, Tamsin! All of them are excellent but I particularly like the nosy reporter and the newsboy in his sporty plus-fours. I look forward to seeing the other six.
Well done!


  1. They look good, very characterful! Well done!

  2. You have been productive, Tamsin. An excellent group.

  3. Extree! Extree! Read all about it! Tamsin posts her first points bomb! Extree! Extree!

  4. What cracking little figures. The problem with the challenge is finding all the new figures people paint and resisting the urge to buy them yourself! Bystander figures really add to the feel of a game.

  5. Great, lots of eye witnesses to be intimidated. The guy with the crate looks like he could hold his own

  6. Another one quick out of the blocks. Nice work Tamsin!

  7. Excellent, now back to work to let the rest of us catch up! ;)

  8. I really like to see your Mob Wars figures. I want to do some myself but can't find rules I like and as for making the scenery.... UGH! So Brilliant work.

  9. The Blue Monn figures do have a certain something about them .you must be building a fair collection.

  10. Nice work Tamsin! Some very nice and characterful additions!

  11. Nice bunch of civvies and you leepfrog me LOL


  12. Very nice work, great characters all of them!

  13. nice debut, Tamsin. The old gent reminds me of Col. Saunders, and the reporter looks like he's taking notes as something shocking occurs - maybe he's covering the Hindenburg explosion? Well done.

  14. Nice figures, I like the use of pink and blue throughout the bunch.

  15. @ Curt - glad you like them. Hopefully you'll get to see and post the other six this side of Christmas :)

    @ Alex - thank you :)

    @ Steve - cheers! :)

    @ Jonathan - I have indeed :)

    @ Evan - 30 points is hardly a bomb ;)

    @ Tea Urn - or collateral damage as some people know them... ;)

    @ Ray - ta! :)

    @ Martin - that is his own crate! ;)

    @ Millsy - well, it had to be done :)

    @ Michael A - I'm sure you'll all catch up quickly once the bonus rounds are underway :)

    @ Clint - cheers! As for suitable terrain, there's plenty available in MDF :)

    @ Dave D - yup, the Blue Moon stuff is quite characterful. I do have a fair collection now and more in the wings waiting to be painted (lots more civvies, a few more cops and gangsters)

    @ Samuli - thanks! :)

    @ Ian - cheers! I'm sure you'll bounce back past me before too long :)

    @ Juan - thanks! :)

    @ Christopher - cheers! :)

    @ Adam - thanks! :)

    @ Michael P - not quite my debut Padre; I had an entry before these :)
    Colonel Sanders? I was actually thinking more along the lines of the old guys in the Harlem social club from "The Cotton Club" who start tap dancing.

    @ Sean - cheers! Not all the figures got blue or pink shades :)

    1. Curt - here's the clip I meant -

    2. You reply was proper funny. Have a fun Christmas

    3. You reply was proper funny. Have a fun Christmas

  16. I like it when you paint these Pulp figures Tamsin. So much character and such fun.

    Lovely brushwork and Happy Christmas to you!

  17. Lovely work on the CoBs, Tamsin! Now we will soon know if Ray and Frans mini alter-egos can shoot straight! ;)

  18. Great work Tamsin - very well done.

  19. @ Anne - the pulp stuff is fun to paint. Happy Christmas to you too :)

    @ David B - cheers! Those two shoot straight? Yeah, right ;)

    @ Greg B - thanks! :)

    @ Miles - thank you! :)

  20. Very nice indeed. Great work and great choice of colours. hmmm.. Peaky Blinders the game. cheers

  21. Always a fan of your Pulp figures. Great work!

  22. @ Brendon - thanks! :)

    @ David L - cheers! :)