Wednesday, 27 January 2016

From KeithS: Saxons, part 2 (160 points)

My post-Snowzilla painting entry is the Saxon finale, consisting of 32 unarmored 28mm figures from Wargames Factory yet again.  This is all they carry for Dark Ages, though I would not be inclined to purchase more, given better options out there.  Still, they turned out well enough.  My painting was much hampered by snow shoveling so, even though I had an extra long weekend, my arms were so sore that painting was almost impossible!

Like the unarmored Vikings, the front faces of the figures had pretty soft detail while the backs were again a good deal sharper.  But what really irked me about these ones were the awkwardness of the poses, especially the arms and most definitely for the bowmen.  There simply aren't any arms to make good poses for them, though I cut some to make them at least a little better.  Oh well, they look pretty enough and I paint for gaming, not display.

First up, some photos form the front of the group.  I painted the dragon banner based on the photo from the box.  The shields are decals -- I did not need all that many for this group because of archers and because I wanted to mix things up a bit and give some guys two weapons.  I was out of kite shields so they got a mix of "Saxon" and "Viking" round shields, which are more or less identical except for size.  The color palette is the same as I've used all along, and I've kept to making them all mix

Where'd you learn to hold a bow!  Clearly he's a levy and lacks experience! (A more skilled person could've probably made big improvements with the poses and I certainly learned a lot for the next time I need to do this).

 Some dramatic poses along the castle walls.

I rather like the shields with multiple heads on them.  I also really like that the set came with a lot of seaxs (seaxes?).  I tried to use as many as I could...heck, if you're gonna have Saxons you gotta have seaxes!

A side view -- they look serious and have a bit of a sense of motion.

From the back.  The quivers are really too big for the figures, but they are easier to paint that way.

Seax and spear, witha  sword to boot.  He's like Danny Kaye in The Court Jester..."the knights will choose their weapons!" "Oh, I'll take one of those, and one of those, and some of those..."

The obligatory group shot:
Overall, not the greatest figures, but plenty good enough for a game of Saga.  Thankfully, it's time to shift gears to something else.  100 Saxons and Vikings about wiped me out. I may revisit them at some point a bit, as I need some proper warlords to lead these happy bands!  Next up, Trolls!  I might squeak them in today as they're almost done.  If not, there's always next week!

Today's bonus car and truck on Sunday morning!  Really put a damper on the painting!

Keith continues a stonking day - with yet more Saxon, Thats a fine collection you have built up - nice a colourful too. Aaah snow... that kind of covering would see the UK in meltdown - can you meltdown with snow?  Best stay in and paint..


  1. Great paint work. The shields look particularly fine! As to the snow, I sympathize, as I will need to shortly clear my drive way for the second time today...

  2. I'm not a huge fan of the Wargames Factory stuff but you've done well with these Keith. I concur with Greg in that the shields look very good. I also really like that castle...

  3. Thanks, all!

    I can't take credit for the castle. My dad (who turned 80 yesterday) painted it last year just because he felt like it. He didn't actually want it, but I sure did! It's pretty awesome. I believe it's made by Vatican Enterprises. My dad is quite the painter, too. He's doing Elves and Dwarves in 28mm and recently started making dungeon parts with a 3D printer. He's way more advanced than me!

    1. Your dad sounds completely darn awesome Keith and please tell him so!

    2. This Challenge has already see some lovely examples of Father&Son/Daughter painting together ....... perhaps you could share some of you and your dad?

  4. This is another fine entry from you. The way you photographed this makes the figures look so dynamic-like a movie scene.

    That snow was bad. How in the heck did you get your vehicles out of the driveway? Did you hire a plow?

  5. Top work Keith. A really threatening looking mob.

  6. Thanks!

    I just realized this batch put me at 688 points. As a retired submarine aTgare officer I find that number MOST auspicious!

  7. "Submarine Warfsre Officer" -- stupid phone!

  8. They turned out really well considering the old WF sculpts and the snow shovel workout! ;)
    I do like the mix of colors and sheilds! ;)

  9. Excellent work, Keith - you've made some mundane ratings from War-games factory really look good - that takes more skill than I have! I see you survived the "Jonas Blizzard" also. I'm not that far from VA on the Eastern Shore of MD

  10. Another post that passed me by. Great assortment of Saxons.