Saturday, 16 January 2016

From TamsinP - 15mm Righteous Army Command (11 Points)

After the mind-numbing and will-draining effort of painting all those 6mm Rebs, I needed a bit of a mental break so I chose to paint something quick in a different scale. Looking around what I had to hand that would do, I settled on these:

Another Righteous Army command group for my 15mm Choson Koreans. I did paint up two command stands for this portion of my Koreans last year, each with a single mounted figure. This one, having two mounted figures will be the overall command for my Righteous Army with a monk commander and a local squire or somesuch.

Some more piccies:

The figures are 15mm from Old Glory 15s; the banner is home-made (and I have gone over the white edges Dave D!). Looking at the text on it, it is probably one of the ones I produced for a refight of an Imjin War mini-campaign a few people from our club fought last March (see this post and this post).

The right face of the banner:

Top-down shot:

For the points, that will be 2 mounted and 1 foot in 15mm, giving me 10 points.

Lovely work Tamsin. After that big push with the Rebs you have every right to work on something righteous. Nice clean work and great colours.  I really like the banner. Remind me again, what system is this for?
Another eleven points for your roster Tamsin! Well done.



  1. Very nice, always good to paint something different after an huge effort

  2. a great juxtaposition from the 6mm confererates. bright colourful and will stand out on the table.

  3. Bet you really appreciated doing to colour! Nicely done too

  4. Well done Tamsin! A well deserved break I'd say.

  5. Looks great Tamsin but you really do need to get back to the 6mm ;-)


  6. Replies
    1. And you are aproaching the "right" scale"... :)

  7. Nice work Tamsin. After the Rebs I imagine anything at all would be a pleasant change! :-)

  8. Thats a very nice looking piece. cheers

  9. Good change of pace. I love the stubble on the monk's head. Great pics again.

  10. I really like the robes and that flag came out really well! I honestly forgot you had some Koreans! ;)

  11. @ Curt - thanks! It was good to do something different :)
    They are for FoGAM/FoGR

    @ Barks - cheers! :)

    @ Martin - thanks! It was indeed a relief after the little grey blobs :)

    @ Clint - yup, some nice strong colours after drab was a welcome change of pace :)

    @ Dave D - you better believe it was! Cheers! :)

    @ Moiterei - thanks! :)

    @ Ian - cheers! I will get back to the 6mm in a while :)

    @ Juan - thanks! Approaching the right scale? Well, I've done 6mm, 15mm and 28mm so far, so I guess the "right scale" must be 54mm? ;)

    @ Millsy - cheers! You're right - after all that grey, anything colourful is good :)

    @ Brendon - thanks! :)

    @ Sean - I thought the stubble would be a nice touch :)

    @ David - thanks! :)

  12. Must feel like painting 54mm after all that 6mm ;) Very nice work, the banner is great.

  13. Oh dear, you really managed to get an incredible amount of detail on those my dear Lady. Great stuff indeed!

  14. @ Adam - thanks! :)

    @ Jamie - 54mm? Hmmm, no thanks - at least not until I've had some time to practice layering techniques some more :)

    @ Sander - after painting tiny details on the 6mm Rebs, doing details on these 15mm figs was a breeze :)