Tuesday, 5 January 2016

My Name is TamsinP and I'll Be Your Minion Today

Good morning all! And welcome to flight AHPC-VI from London to the stratosphere. I will be your attendant for today and every Tuesday until the final week of the Challenge.

We are currently cruising at 6739 points with a target altitude of 68,950 points.

For those in need of medication, Nurse Docherty will be along tomorrow. My duties today are to keep some of the rabble entrants in order. Please bear with me in case of any mistakes.

We will be joined later on today by our Captain, Mr Campbell, so please ensure you are on your best behaviour.


  1. Can I extend my thanks for taking on this task? Excellent work from the conscripts/volunteers/insert appropriate term here who are helping with the postings as it must be one heck of a task!

  2. Looking forward to seeing what the Tuesday crew puts together.

  3. I much prefer your costume to mine. So much more comfortable and flattering...

    1. Try curing the chafing with Mills gone..it's a cure all

  4. welcome aboard ladies and Gentlemen!


    thefrenchjester " steward in straitjacket"

  5. Really brilliant - I've just seen this, and it has most definately brightened up a grey London afternoon at work!!

  6. Good luck I know you will do a very good job.

    Oh that's it, next year I will paint the Rejects as "Trolley dollies!" Now who makes the figures?

  7. It's a dirty job, but someone's got to do it, right Tamsin?
    : )

  8. Well I for one welcome my new minion. Glad to be on the Tuesday crew!

  9. Where exactly are the exits.....

  10. Are there to be peanuts on this flight?

  11. All Hail Tamsin, Empress of Tuesdays, Queen of Windsor-Newton and Duchess of Dunkelgelb


  12. Well done Lady Tamsin. You kept your unruly subjects nicely in line. What exactly did you do with Ray?
    Cheers PD

  13. I hate you Tamsin! I was reading this while on lunchbreak at work and laughed out loud and then had to explain to my co-workers why I was suffering a laughing-fit and of course failed miserably (none of them knowing anything about our hobby) and making an even bigger ass of myself then I already seem to them. So yeah thanks heaps!

  14. Thanks folks!

    @ Jamie - I see it as a form of penance for the headaches I have undoubtedly given Captain Snowlord in the last 3 Challenges :)

    @ Keith - cheers! :)

    @ Adam - not very much as it turned out... :)

    @ Millsy - *whisper* talcum powder may help with your "problem" ;)
    Or, as Nurse Docherty suggests, "Millsgone"

    @ Gilles - ahh, so you are the drinks steward for this flight! :)

    @ Edwin - the right hat is incredibly important :)

    @ Sidney - glad to have been of service :)

    @ Clint - hmm, now that's a good idea. No clue as to manufacturers though

    @ Fran - thanks big fella :)

    @ Evan - yup, it ain't no bed of roses :o

    @ Dave - *cough* you are the Matron! ;)

    @ Iannick - glad to have you on board :)

    @ Dave - they are here, here and here. However, they are all sealed until 20 March ;)

    @ Anne - there's definitely a large serving of nuts. Some of them might be peanuts I guess ;)

    @ Miles - indeed, all hail me! :)

    @ Peter - you really do *not* want to know... ;)

    @ Sander - sorry! OK, you got me - I'm not sorry at all. Now, get back to work! *whipcrack* :)