Saturday, 20 February 2016

From BenitoM - Fallschirmjager Supports (107 Points)

Despite some hurdles (real life!) my FJs project continue progressing and finally I can post some of the support units that I've been working in over the past two weekends.

In any case, here are the latest contributions:

Mortar and HMG support stands

These models belog to the Warlord range. The HMG is positioned .in the edge of a forest ready to ambush any Allied unit falling within its sights.

Next we have a combat engineer assault  team with LMG pair, an additional ammo carrier and a junior leader commanding the team.

These minis are from Artizan. This brand's models area bulkier than the average Warlord model, but I just tested on a table and do not stand out significantly when viewed at a distance. I'm using Artizan models to add variety of poses to myFJ unit.

(3) A junior leader and prone LMG team for my FJ section dressed in winter gear, both from Artizan.

And here you can see the complete section, mixing Warlord and Artizan models... can you notice who's who? I think they match nicely.

Infantry with MP 40s, again from Artizan. The more I paint models from this manufacturer, the more I like them.

And last but least, the second armour support (the previous was a Hetzer): a Stug III in a colour scheme than can be used fora any scenario from late 43 onwards. This was done with the help of airbrush fence-master Alfredo, from my gaming group.

Lovely work Benito!
I feel that Warlord has suffered from lack of quality control and consistency within their ranges, but I think these figures mix very nicely with the excellent Artizan models. I like the tree stumps with the MG team and your winter figures continue to impress. That StuG III is a lovely lump of kit. I particularly like the single-tone camo - as you say it will be very good for the '43 campaigns, especially those in Italy.
You're now well past the halfway point to your target Benito. Well done! Now, you have the push to the finish! 


  1. Very nice, have you looked at Black Tree Miniatures, they have a 50% off infantry sale for the next three days including the FJ


    1. Thanks for the heads sup. I'll take a look but frankly speaking I'm suffering of FJs overdose (specially painting camouflage). I want to finish the last two support units (some engineers and a recoilles gun) and turn my attention to other period: either French Napoleonics (Sharp Practice 2 looming in the horizon...) or some Moors and Christians (currently testing Soldiers of God at the club)

  2. Lovely work Benito ... Always get tempted with FJ and Stugs..

  3. Nice brushwork Benito. Especially like the StuG III.

  4. Great job Benito. The FJ uniforms have always been too intimidating for me to tackle. Your stuff is inspiring and daunting all at once. Excellent work.

  5. Very nice, especially the StuG!

  6. Love the Stug! The Paras are very nice as well. Well done on the splinter camo, and the Mud and water camo.

  7. very nice work, I really like the tree-stumps on the bases!

  8. Wonderful work on the camouflage both troops and that great iron beastie! ;)

  9. great paintwork as alwas I should say :-)

    a very powerful fighting force!

  10. Fine work. I realy like the StuG (my Favorite German Fighting vehicle of WWII) and the HMG base is realy good as well.

  11. well done, i especially like the tank