Friday, 12 February 2016

From GillesW - Drowned in a glass of water! (102 points)

Hi everyone - The title say all ! I have few figures ready for posting this week, and so few points gained.  The rower is slowing, so where is the lash ?

I had planned to paint some different stuff for this week - ok I almost did it - but nothing is based and flocked (lazy frenchjester!) at least I have done more dots on the brown camos of my Marines.

I just been able to "finish" more support weapon for my marines with a Medium machine gun in a "John Rambo"style. The tripod carrier is just running after him.

Of course, when I read the rule book on the USA, I learned that the medium machine guns need three crew, so I'm still missing one crew man. I should read before painting (stupid jester!).

A small addition of heavy mongol cavalry from Essex Miniatures, Donnington Miniatures and Old Glory ranges , as usual I have cut off the lead spears to avoid the "spaghetti" effect .
I painted them with a black undercoat followed by a zenithal light of "The Fang" spray from Games Workshop, then I put an " Agrax earthshade" wash from GW to obtain a dark blue armour, I'm not sure that it can be seen on the pics.

 some ancient archers for my greek cities army:

some of them are coming from my never ending" give them a second life!" project, sprayed once more and repainted.
then two bases of Mycenian swordmen from Magister militum biblical range undercoated on their cardboard and forgot in a box.
I'll use them as change in case I lose a base of spearmen, all my spearmen are double based for an ease of use during the games.

a different test of skintone and one more time the cows paid the toll....
stay tuned......
Great work again Gilles - I find each week I am starting to look forward to the historical variety in your submissions!  From the Pacific in WW2, to the plains of Eurasai, to the ancient Greek city states.  Very cool! I love the heavy cavalry, and the cow hide shields on the swordsmen look great.  As for the MMG team, don't worry about what the rule book says - I'm sure a hard working two-man crew will work just fine with the MG on the table...

That is another 102 points for your Gilles - I do hope you avoid the "lash" on the boat this week...


  1. Nice work and quite some variety!


  2. That's quite a compilation of different models! Love the pose on the machine gunner. Like straight from Hollywood or the pages of Commando :)

  3. Splendid stuff! I do like a canter around the centuries and countries!

  4. Blimey! Great diverse selection you've done up here. I must admit that the Machine Gunners are my favourite of this post, the dynamics of the poses are great, you can easily imagine them in combat but just as easily see them trudging over the tabletop in real life.

  5. Very nice and mixed entry Gilles :)

  6. That's quite a mix Gilles. Nice work!

  7. Cracking work Gilles. Pick of the bunch for me are the cavalry but the cowhide shields are really neat too!

  8. An eclectic mix, Gilles! They all look grand, but I really like the Early Catachans! ;)
    The poses and paint are spot on! Then those poor cows...I suppose something had to be done with the hides after BBQ Thursday! ;)

  9. Great variety again! I love the Marines!

  10. A little of everything and it all looks fab to me.

  11. I like those bronze age chappies, myself - always been a fan of the Iliad and Odyssey, so they get my vote!