Friday, 19 February 2016

From GillesW- Clutching at straws! (176 points)

Hi everyone! Of course, I'll not try this with palm trees, even in California, it 's just how I feel today ;-)

I managed to get a lot of figures prepped, painted, based and flocked this week, up to the standard that I like. I was afraid to be unable to finish them for today...the worst thing is that I have not  based and flocked all the figures I painted two weeks ago (don't ask me why, I have no sane answer).

I have painted more Minoan spearmen  and Lybians with javelins to have enough of them to try the army at the club this evening (impatience when you keep us!).

To add some variety in the color theme of the Minoans, I chose some Lybian mercenaries who came with their blankets and grass tufts.

With some luck the camp for these fellows will be finished this weekend.

Moving along, here is one more group of heavy Mongol cavalry. Thiis time most of them are from Old Glory Miniatures, it's just to differentiate each group of cavalry during the games.

Yes ! the army is nearly finished. After that, I'll bore you with something different!

One month to go and around 500 points to paint, I'm late! I'm late!...... the Queen will kill me!

More great painting Gilles, well done.  An army "nearly finished"? Surely by now you have learned there is no such thing as a "finished" collection! And as for your pace falling off, well, there are many of us who wish we could match your speed, I am sure.  I hope the Minoans and Libyans do well with your club game, and of course I'm sure the Mongols will ride over anyone getting in their way! Great work. 


  1. Nice Ancients, Gilles! I am not bored with them either! Lots of color to them and your ground work is very good on them too! ;)

  2. Great looking ancients, I especially love the chariot era armies.

  3. I'm with Pete, love those ancients - especially the Minoan spearmen. Excellent work Gilles.

  4. I did once start a Minoan army, it never looked as good as these though. If They did look as good as these I would probably continued the army and not just given up. I am now tempted to go back to the lead pile and dust them off and paint the unpainted!

    1. let's do it Clint! give them a chance to get back on the paint table;-)

  5. Excellent job! I really like those Minoans with their hide shields.

  6. Thanks a lot everyone.

    they lost their first battle, victim of the syndrom of newly painted figures, I hope they will do better next game ;-)

  7. What a great entry again


  8. Hell yeah, bring on some Bronze Age goodness!

    Steppe hordes are also a fave of mine, so you've hit the jackpot as far as I'm concerned!

  9. Those are great, I particularly love the spearmen!

  10. This is really great stuff. It all looks excellent. cheers