Monday, 21 March 2016

EvanH - The Last Post (for this year, anyway) - A Song of Frost and Gravy (10 points)

So, this is it, my last post in my first Challenge. And what a roller coaster it's been!

I'm not going to pretend that I'm a demon painter having a slow couple of months; those of you who have seen my work over at Canister and Grape will know that I work at a rather measured pace.

Let's review; 20 figs prior to this post, not by any means earth-shattering, but not bad for a tyro.

And here are my last two figures for the 6th Challenge; in keeping with the prevailing theme of the last day, it's more Frostgrave. (Has everyone been saving these up for the home stretch? Everything's coming up Frostgrave!)

First, a Ranger, assembled from the excellent Frostgrave Soldiers box.

I went for a green palette as a kind of visual shorthand; "LOOK AT ME! I'M A RANGER!"

Next up is the Infantryman, with the air of a man who has seen better days; the clothing is bright, but is motheaten and without insignia or heraldic charge. The only obviously expensive item he owns is a two-handed sword.

So that's it from me. Its been an enjoyable and instructive experience, and looking back, I can see the benefits of having shedloads of primed and based figures in reserve BEFORE kicking off. This goes double for Bonus Rounds; so many ideas proved impracticable in the face of poor preparation!

The tally stands at 22 figures, all 28mm or thereabouts, working out to around seven a month on average. Nine of those were in a single submission as well, but let's gloss over that and take a look at the finished articles.

Wait up, where's Odysseus? Oh right, Canada...

Fantasy, Ancients, Medieval, pulp adventure, and even a World War II hero, so that's a varied bunch of figures. It's been a great experience, and I'm honoured to have been a part of it, seeing the work of some truly brilliant painters and modellers.

Thanks go to the many fine sponsors of the Challenge, to my good mate Millsy in his role as Antipodean Adjudicator and all-round good bloke, and to all the other minions whose skills in rounding up this ragtag band of misfits have entertained and enthralled me over the last three months.

And last but far from least, thanks go out to that Prince of the Prairie, the Snowlord Himself, Curtis Q. Campbell (the Q stands for 'Quality'!) for busting his bottom in the cause of ever-greater fellowship among the painters and bloggers of the hobby world. We couldn't have done it without you!

Time to rest up for a bit now, but who knows, I might be up for another go by December...

Stay tuned...!


Brrriilliant! Love it Ev. Even though you've succumbed to the Frostgrave scourge you continued to produce high quality work to the very end.  The green Ranger is, well, green and so obviously a Ranger, but he looks to be a really nice guy.  The lantern-toting infantryman definitely has a sartorial streak, but by the look of his sword he's obviously compensating for something.  I can't put my finger on it, and, funny enough, that's exactly what the lady's say too. <ba-dum-pish> Yup, I'm here with Ev, playing twice nightly - we do charades and dance a nice soft-shoe as well. ;)
I clearly remember at the announcement of this year's Challenge you professed you had other things to do (for THREE MONTHS?). But then apparently Millsy had you over dinner and withheld your dessert until you succumbed. Millsy's a very good man as we'd have been a poorer group without you Mr. Hughes. Thanks for your participation, madcap humour and good will. Just so you know, I've already marked I you down for Challenge VII, so don't bother trying to wriggle out of it. Now, start priming you lazy git.  :)


  1. More nice work from you mate. 20 figs is not a bad tally

  2. Nice work Evan! Been good having you along again :)

  3. very nice and always good to see the results of a painting challenge together.

  4. In some cases less is more and your mini's are top notch indeed!

  5. A very nice finish, sir. I was also very pleasantly surprised with the quality of the Frostgrave soldiers box set - they are a lot of fun to work on.

  6. Well done, Evan - they're lovely! A very successful Challenge for you and a great finish!

  7. Nice work an going out in style

  8. Thanks to all of my fellow Challengers for your kind words and encouragement. And to think that I was planning on sitting this one out!

    Thanks again to Curt for running the show, and to Anne, Sir Michael, DaveD, PaulO'G, and most especially Millsy for persuading me to give it a go. I'll see you for Challenge VII, though it had better include a ten-course degustation with matching wines and port and cigars for afters!
    ; )

  9. Brilliant work on these, Evan! I'm really partial to the ranger! ;)
    I'm glad you came along for the ride and have appreciated your wit! ;)

  10. Excellent work on these figures, Evan. It does seem appropriate that some Frostgrave figures end the challenge - there have been so many great examples. Then there are mine that never got started!

  11. Cracking stuff Ev mate. It seems you now hold the upper hand in the Frostgrave stakes so I'll need to extract a digit or three. I'd forgotten about the dessert plan. Must try that again next year :-)