Thursday, 10 March 2016

From JohnSh - Anglo Danes and more 20mm Yanks (42 points)

I attempted a points bomb this week but it turned out more of a firecracker. I managed to complete four 28mm Anglo Danes for Saga.

Hang on - that chap on the right is a Norman infiltrator!

After some comments from fellow Challengers who are in my regular gaming group about my use of shield transfers on other Dark Ages minis I decided to try and hand paint the shields.

Here's your handpainted shields chaps.

I'm pretty happy how they turned out, especially the Raven and the Grendel. There are more to come in this group, still trying for the last minute point bomb.

Still struggling with the size

I also finished a further five 20mm AB miniatures for my Chain of Command platoons. These Yanks are lovely figures and are a pleasure to paint.

But happy with the result.

Now, I have to report a disturbing incident of Paintfressional Jealousy. You may remember the halberdiers with the purple plumes that I submitted last time. I used them in a game of Lion Rampant recently with the above mentioned Challengers who made it their mission to kill them first because they had been my Challenge entry.

Dan d'Lyon surrounded by his purple plumed bodyguard.

Slaughtered they were, to a man. Just not cricket chaps. We will have our revenge. :)

So that should be 40 points by my reckoning. I'm going back to the pit to dig more paint, I have a bomb to build. Thanks for your minionating Millsy.
Good to see some more Dark Ages stuff making an appearance before I knock off John. I love the period and I very much like your style, especially the hand painted shields. The Yanks are jolly nice too and if I ever see an AB Miniature I don't like I fear the shock to the system might be too much.
As to the last man standing efforts of your purple-plumed halberdiers, let's just say I know who the scoundrels are who perpetrated this most evil of crimes and if they ever venture into my neck of the woods they will be harshly dealt with I can assure you.
This lot nets you a round 40 points but I'm throwing in an extra couple for both your hand painted shields and as a salve to your wounded heart. Cheers, Millsy


  1. Lots of eye candy here, something for everyone! Especially liking the Anglo-Danes!

  2. Millsy, you are a gentleman and a scholar!

  3. Lovely stuff John. Very happy to see those great hand painted shields, and delighted to remember a happy evening of slaughtering your halberdiers.

  4. Lovely stuff John. Very happy to see those great hand painted shields, and delighted to remember a happy evening of slaughtering your halberdiers.

  5. Nice work and the enemy always seems to kill the pretty ones first.

  6. I wish my eye-sight was better so I could enjoy the small photos just a bit more. But I do like what I can see.

    1. Sorry about that mate. I'm so used to shrinking photos to fit on our website that I do it automatically.

  7. Lovely stuff John, I especially like the shields. Don't go back to transfers!

  8. The shields are brilliant, big fan of hand painted shields. No more transfers.

  9. Nice work. Great hand painted shields. cheers

  10. Lovely work John! Those AB Yanks are just ace. Too bad about the halberdiers, but they were shiny new figures so it was fated to happen. Hopefully they'll get their kicks in next time around.

  11. Nice work on those shields!

  12. Great work all around! The WW2 infantry turned out very nice! I'm sure when the rest of the halberd troops join the initial lot, they will be revenged! ;)

  13. I dont know what he's talking about do you Dux?
    Couldn't see the purple for all the blood anyway :-)

    Great job on the shields John