Monday, 7 March 2016

From MilesR: A Ship and a Greyhound 30 Points

 A rather spartan and eclectic mix of submissions this week - a 1/1200 US Third Rate and a 28mm M8 Greyhound.
 The ship is a 1/1200 scale model painted as a US Third Rate from Langton Miniatures.  Langton still are my favorite minis to make.   My effort isn't nearly as good as Byron's ships  but will serve well on the table top.  I've learned that minimal rigging stands up a lot longer.
This model depicts the USS Columbus, which was launched in 1819 after some delayed construction.  She saw service against the Barbary pirates and during the Mexican -American war.
This submission represents my first score in my side duel with PaulG with 1/1200 langton.  I do think we should add Byron to the tally there with his wonderful ships!
 Next up is a resin and metal 28mm scale model of a M8 Greyhound from Warlord miniatures.  The model was so-so  in quality.  Some of the detail part were horrible miscast that they couldn't be used including the headlights and their protective frames.  I tried to cover it up with some very vasty made "sand bags" which look OK.

 The greyhound is a great unit to have in Bolt Action and I've always liked the look of the beast.

 Just how big is a 1/1200 ship?  Here's a shot comparing her to a 28mm scaled figure and a 28MM scaled frigate.   The frigate would have been 2/3's the length of a third rate.

One of the reasons for such limited productivity today was the fact that my paint desk was a mess and needed to be cleaned up before to final "big push" of this year's Challenge - so a few hours of clean up was required.  Also sanded and treated to work top as it was showing some real wear and tear.

Great and varied work this week Miles.  I really envy anyone who can get 1:1200 sailing ships together (and holding together).  I have tried Napoleonic era ships and Armada galleons, but have decided that the skill set required is far beyond what I have in my personal toolbox.  Fortunately, I was able to handle these skills on a 1:1 scale when I owned my 24 foot sloop.  However, I will say that Columbus has badly run out of water and the US Navy needs to cashier the Captain and sailing master.
Bad luck on the quality of the Greyhound kit.  I've not used any Warlord stuff, but from what I have seen they seem to be rather hit or miss on quality.  Your sandbag fix works, what did you use to make the sandbags?  Have you thought of a roll of camo netting on top of the sandbags, it might cover a variety of sins.
And what's this about tidying up mid Challenge.  Empty calories my dear lad!  Skip the  junk food and bring on the steaks!
My scouring of the Challenge Archives found that last March Curt gave you 15 points a piece for your Spanish 74s, so I'm giving 15 points for your Yankee sailing ship.   Perhaps we could upgrade the scoring spreadsheet to include ships next year?


  1. Nice work Miles :)

    As for tidying up and resurfacing your painting bench...that's heresy man, heresy! ;)

  2. I do like that first picture...."errrrr, captain? We seem to be following a very small ship creating its own water in the middle of the field.... What should do?" And then the picture later where the greyhound points its gun at the ship. Nice job!

  3. Love the ship the US built a pretty respectable fleet in the years after the War of 1812, if we had built it befor 1812 we might have avoided a War that did no one fighting it any good (excepting the reputations some individuals made).

  4. I know what you man about nappy ships and rigging. I just wish I could bring myself to do mine!
    The greyhound looks despite the problems and good save with the sand bags.

  5. I would have thought in resin, the model would have been superior. Sorry to hear it was less than satisfactory. You did a great job with it though.

    And I'm pleased to see more ships from you. You are the master of the seas sir!

  6. Very fine work on both! The greyhound may have given you fits, but your modeling skills rescued it nicely. My hat is still tipped for you fellows that build and paint the wee sailing vessels, I'll just purchase the sails of Glory as they are already built and painted! ;)

  7. Nice work Miles - I really like the USS Columbus. As a suggestion for the sandbags you may want to hit them with a healthy brown wash to dirty them up a bit. I have a few Warlord kits in storage and from all the mixed reviews I'm reading, I'm starting to get an uneasy feeling about my purchase.

  8. Tidying up!

    Nice work on toys mind!

  9. That's a bit smaller than your last ship!
    ; )
    Pity about the Greyhound; as Anne has observed, you'd expect a resin kit to be better than this. But you've managed to bring it back from the brink and effectively conceal the damage! Well done!

  10. Nice one Miles. I'm not sure how I'd go with a scale change of that magnitude :-)

  11. Couple of very nice bit's though that giant at the end makes you realise the size of it


  12. I love the Columbus tacking around the Greyhound. Really nice work.