Friday, 30 December 2016

You leave the place for 24 hours...

Okay, I chased down some rebels to a desert planet, cut the ribbon at a new sausage factory, er, I mean an orphanage, cancelled Christmas and took a call from a grovelling, low-brow, incompetent named 'Trump'. 

Oh, and I still had time to take my wife out for her birthday. 

So what's be going on here? Yikes, what a MESS!!


Thanks so much for taking the tiller Millsy. I'm back at the con and preparing to release the next wave of submissions.

Oh, and is this your leather mask?


  1. > Thanks so much for taking the tiller Millsy.
    You're most welcome. My therapist says I'll be fine. Eventually.

    > Oh, and is this your leather mask?
    Goodness no. I never take mine off. It's not that I can't, its just that every time I try someone else seems to put it back on...

  2. Next time your off Curt, we need to agree a safe word

  3. The safe words are "Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn."

    Simply rock back and forwards repeating those words and all will be fine. (I Promise!)

  4. If it's a leather mask, then it's not Millsy's which I have it on good authority is latex ;)

  5. Curt, I find your tone troubling - after all it was you who left the liquor cabinet unlocked. I think you need to take responsibility for the chaos that ensued from that fateful discretion. That said, my attorneys have cautioned me to not make any further comments about what the local press has now labeled a "Bacchanalian 24 Hours of Terror"

  6. you guys lost me here, I am off to the barber's to get my duck ruffled, fwah fwah whoops there go missus Miggins's artichokes ;-)