Monday, 26 December 2016

From Millsy: Christmas Allsorts (73 points)

Hello All!

My first post to this year's Challenge is something of a pick-n-mix of various items I've been collecting recently to finish off several projects.

First up is a set of three universal carriers for Flames of War. I have a large Australian force that can do either 9th Division infantry or Divisional Cavalry so these will fit in nicely with either. You can never have enough tracked pie tins! 18 points of Aussie goodness.

Next up is a set of five Ratling Snipers for my Warhammer 40K Catachan Imperial Guard force. I've always liked the 95th Rifles vibe these guys have got and couldn't resist the green-jacket paint scheme. The detail on these was quite soft so they're not the best paint job but they'll do. 25 points for these guys.

Lastly we have a bunch of additions to my stupidly large (i.e. 9,000 point) Epic Armageddon Squat force, composed of some Gorgon transports and a Land Train, the iconic Squat war engine. All up worth a total of 26 points.

These are the first edition Gorgons and I really like the models. The one thing I am never 100% sure of is which is the front! I suspect it is the dozer blade end but I'm more than happy to be corrected.

The Land Train is one of the coolest Epic models ever produced in my humble opinion. There's just something so very "Epic" about it. The vast majority of my Squats are based on rounds and it works really well for the Land Train as it can snake it's way across the board.

So that's a small but welcome 69 points to kick me off. There should probably have been more but I've been distracted by a combination of this...

Anyone remember this? Kudos if you can...
And this...

Another Christmas search and rescue. Fingers crossed we get a good outcome!


Ahh, the irrepressible Millsy has emerged from his antipodean mancave to make his presence be known. Hooray!!  The game is on, like Donkey Kong!

Great looking Bren carriers Mr. Mills - the crew peeking over the top of these jam cans are great, I imagine they are holding on like mad, hoping for the best. 

Your Ratlings are awesome (I'm a big fan of the abhumans in 40K) and, you sly dog, I quite appreciate the rifleman uniforms (and done without a mullet or seven-barrelled gun in sight, god bless you).

The Epic Squats vehicles are, well, epic - that Land Train is the absolute bomb (and mortar, and missile, and...). Also, I looked on the Forge World site and it seems the Gorgon carrier has the door/blade thingy at the front. Maybe that bit at the back is an incline stabilizer, or an ejector for beard trimmings and empty beer kegs. You need to give us an army shot of this force nearing the end of the Challenge. 

Finally, I have absolutely no idea on the computer game (it looks like it should be played on an Amiga or TRS80), but I hope your S&R had a happy resolution and you can get back to the brushes soon.

BTW, I've added a few points for the partial crew figures in the Bren...


  1. Great stuff mate - I was out your way touring with my overseas visitors. I promise that I counted them out and then counted them all in again!

    PS Those carriers will work well with Battlegroup Tobruk next year...

  2. The Carriers are very nice. And I like the fact that you can sue them in different forces. The fatlings snipers are my favourites though despite GW I still have a soft spot for all 40K. (or 30K) It is a shame epic is out of production and also that Squats are no more. Nice work mate

  3. What a quality set of figures! I'm with Curt on liking a humans I have those very ratings. I also like the universal carriers for some unknown reason as I bet they were the devil to be transported in.... Classic land train too, it's got the silliness cranked right up and the round bases are a great idea..

  4. Great to have you in again this year and you do not disapoint


  5. great first output love the Ratlings but must point out the 95th had black coller and cuffs the red is from the 60th rifles which appear with Sharpe you may remember their Lt was Sweet William.
    Nice to see so much Epic and always had a soft spot for a bren carrier

  6. Good start Millsy.

    Hope the S&R ended positively

  7. Loving the land train. Nice start

  8. A great mix for your first entry Millsy.

  9. A very nice beginning Miiisy and hope the S&R has a happy ending.


  10. Great Work and I hope you did have a successful S&R

  11. Superb painting - I really like the bren carries and the Epic stuff is wonderful. Best of luck with the S&R operation

  12. Great work Millsy! Love the Brens, nice clean work. The land train is great comic relief, there's a Wiley Coyote feel to it for sure. Hoping for the best on your S&R.

  13. Nice work. I really like those Ratling gunners!

    As for the game, I was just thinking about it the other day. Spent countless hours playing it! I think it was called Warlords??

    1. Indeed Rod is correct. It's actually Warlords II, my favourite all time PC game. It's free now it's so old but good old dosbox lets me play it on Windows 10. The reason I got back to playing it was my son - one of his uni lecturers wrote Warlords II :-)

  14. Nice figures all around. The ratlings have tons of character. Be safe out there.

  15. Lovely stuff for your entree into this year's Challenge Millsy :)

  16. Great start Millsy! The 95th scheme on the Ratlings is a really nice touch :) Fits them well

  17. Great start to your challenge! That Epic stuff is especially amazing. The Land Train might be a smidgen bonkers but so very iconic (and nicely painted in this case too). Hope the S&R went well!

  18. How the hell can you paint in this heat...?

    Brilliant work, mi hermano! I'd better get cracking...

  19. Thanks for all the positive comments guys!

  20. great to see you get at it Millsy, all figures are great but the Ratlings are my favourites! Good luck on the game and the S&R! BTW: Arthur still proudly wears the jumpsuit with the patches ;-)

  21. Love the ratling snipers.. my favorite models from the 40k universe ( and I have painted them at some point in the past, but not to that good of a level ).

  22. Great work Millsy. This is the only version of the 95th rifles I can stand to see on the table :)

  23. We don't see enough Ratlings, love them! While I always though the Squat land train was one of the most ridiculous Epic offerings, it looks stunning well painted!

  24. The Ratlings and carriers are great, but I do want to see more Squats!

  25. Love the ratlings, Millsy! I painted mine as southern riflemen.
    The squat stuff is spectacular! I too would like to see a company muster!
    I hope your SnR went well..

  26. Super work, Millsy. I really love the ratings - especially with a great colour scheme like that! The Bren carriers look splendid as well - perfect tin-cans for the desert!