Tuesday, 10 January 2017

From SeanM: A Little Bit of Everything (105 points)

Let me start with a tale of woe! Last week, on submission day, Eastern Canada was afflicted by some freezing rain. Now, Ottawa was on the edge of the system, but it was still of enough accumulation to deep six my satellite internet. So this week, it is time for some catch up.

First up, is a Blackclad Wayfarer for Hordes (28mm). This is not an overly complicated figure, but I find Privateer Press' (PP) newer figures are almost overburdened with detail. It kind of corresponds to when they adopted CAD sculpting...  Anyways, this druid with his over compensating cloak is not from that era.

Next up is a unit from the sister system, a minimum unit of Idrian Skirmishers. Fluff wise, this is a confused unit; they are like a group of Bedouin converts working as irregular troops for a Counter-Reformation Catholic Church. Oh, well. PP allows you to put either a minimum or maximum size unit on the table, there is no longer the granularity of their 1st ed. rules. The figures are pretty clean to paint, and they took to the "magic wash" much better than my earlier Celts did. I will hopefully have a command attachment painted by the end of the challenge.

This guy is my favourite of the bunch. A much more sensibly dressed chap than the rest, I think I'll order up some more of him when I expand the unit at some later date.

Here is a chestnut from the olden days, BattleTech (6mm). I see in the Armour entries I wasn't the firstest, but maybe I can have the mostest! What I've done here is a combined arms company, using 'mechs, armour and battle armour infantry. To delve into the fluff, there are a unit of the Capellan March Militia from the Federated Suns. This faction was widely regarded as BattleTech's Mary Sue. But this unit, is from a time period when it all started to go wrong for them, the end of the Fed-Com Civil War. This is one of my favourite parts of BattleTech, for the past 30 years, they have advanced the timeline over 120 years, and all of the factions have waxed and waned.

The 'mechs below are lighter, second line forces at this stage of the timeline. From left to right, these are the Jenner, Centurion, Clint and Javelin. The three on the left are from the latest plastic sculpts, and they have crisp details and very light mold lines. The Javelin is from a metal set, and is of very good quality. The biggest difference you can see in the finished product is the thickness of the cast on bases, with the plastic being much thicker than the metal.

Here are the vehicles, two scout cars and two Drillson hover tanks. The Drillsons are IMW metal sculpts, while the scout cars are from the MechWarrior Dark Age clicky set. They scale nicely, and give off the old "Mad Max scavenger economy" setting from the early '80s BattleTech.

The Battle Armour is all from the clicky-tech set. You might notice the bases are round rather than the traditional B-Tech hexes. Two reasons; first off infantry has 360 arcs, second, I was running out of hex bases. Rules + desperation = success! The larger of the sculpts, the Cavaliers, are actually smaller than the Hauberk assault suits in the game, but the vagaries of the sculpts lead one to use what is available. I was one Cavalier short, so you'll notice an on base victim to fill in the dead space.

Finally, I've been tempted to tip my toe back into 40K with a local gaming group. The Royal Table Top Regiment (RTTR) is holding a Kill-Team league, so I've stepped up and finished another long standing project - Adpetus Arbites.

So I'll admit from the start, four of these guys are not total new paints, but are partial repaints to conform to the weapon options. These guys below had their shotguns swapped out for riot shields and mauls, plus a melta gun for the fourth. They are just there to show the group scheme in full.

Next are the full paint jobs, painted to match the scheme from the guys above. This is a dog's breakfast of GW's models line. There are Rogue Trader Arbites from the 80's, 2nd ed Arbites from the '90s, Necromunda Enforcers from the '00s and the sniper is a converted Space Marine Scout. The first figure on the second picture is an attempt to make a female Arbites using an Eldar Guardian as a base, but I'll have to go back and fix the gorilla arms.

Overall, that is 15 28mm figures, 28 6mm infantry and eight 6mm vehicles. And here is a preview of what I've been working on for the East Challenge...


Alan and Paul: Bedouin converts for a counter-Reformation Catholic Church?? The mind boggles! Nice work Sean - this is certainly an eclectic bunch. I like the Idrians, and particularly the kneeling sniper, but my favourites are your Arbites. The ones with riot shields look great, and you have matched their look with your latest painting really well. This little lot earns you 105 points.


  1. A nice mixed bag there Sean :)

  2. very nice - I always have time for the Arbites.

  3. A nice bit of everything. Well done. I'm feeling that tug towards Battletech again...

  4. I think you need a Kitchen sink in there too! Well done in all cases.

  5. wow real mix of stuff but all well painted

  6. A veritable feast for the eyes! nice work!

  7. Great submission Sean! Love seeing those old 6mm battletech figures and the Arbites are terrific as well.

  8. I found the variety a little bewildering but then again I am old and easily confused, but I admire your industry. An impressive grab-bag.

  9. I like the BattleTech stuff!

  10. oooh more Battletech, this Challenge is poiled with it! great work allround mate!

  11. Really great variety here. The Arbites are my favorite (what a fun list for Kill Team!). I always enjoy looking at Battletech figures and reading about the lore—that's one I never got into (had a couple false starts), so I kind of like being in the dark and finding out bits and pieces here and there.

  12. I love all the Battletech revival stuff. I thought they were 10mm and not 6mm (my Kurita infantry stand 9mm +base). That is not in any way a criticism I could easily be wrong. No matter what the scale so good to see old games getting the love they still deserve.