Friday, 13 January 2017

From GrahameH: More of the same: Light Horse and Cold War (220 Points)

Saracens - Turkomen Light Horse 15mm

Thought I'd completed this army having done these but then found a unit of infantry. No idea that I had bought them, so will now have to paint them next week. Oh well!

Anyhow 24 Light Horse - all Legio Heroica 15mm Figures

24 Turkomen Light Horse
One Unit of 6 Turkomen

And Another

Cold War Soviets (Again) 

Round bases arrived at last, so the support weapons got based.

Again 15mm Battlefront and Army Armies- 15mm

10 Regular Russian Infantry Figures (including 2 prone)

Soviet Support Weapons

Anti-Tank Crews - Battlefront
Mortar Crews - Army Armies

Russian Paras - 15 Figures and one truck with 4 crew

Russian Paras

One Squad or Platoon or Company - depending on rules - Battlefront

Para Mortar Crew - Army Armies

A Russian Truck. I think its QRF - Crew in back Army Armies. 

I like the Army Armies figures and just when I thought I was getting the lead pile down they advertise they they intend to do Cold War Canadians!!!!!!

Tanks (15mm) - Guess who forgot the deadline for the armour entry. Never mind just pleased to get theses done. Three T-60 and Six T-35

3  X T-60 Tank (or tanklets) Zvezda 15mm - Battlefront Crewman
Side View
The Command Tank
6 X 15mm Zvezda T-35s - Crewmen Batttlefront
Side View (in case you didn't guess)
Command Tank
That's it for this week. No idea what to do next week apart from the newly found Saracen Infantry.

Anyone need a painting partner for Curts figure - I live in the UK and will try my hand at painting anything (although might not be as good as what has been posted by others on this blog).


More of the same is fine by me Grahame, these are all fantastic. Those T-35s are hulking beasts, and nice touches on the slogans - are they decals with the kits? Pity you missed the Bonus points, but I'm glad to see them all the same. Your Russian infantry look great, particularly the paras, and the Turkomen are very dapper in their colourful robes and moustaches. 
By my count, that's twenty four 15mm horse, ten 15mm vehicles, three crewed weapons, and twenty six other crew/infantrymen. I'm counting the mortars as a crewed weapons +2 extra crewmen each, and the anti-tank weapons as a pair of infantrymen, which seems fair to me.  
A very respectable 220 points!


  1. Impressive stuff Grahame! Nice to see some early war tanks. Especially the T-35 is great, and utterly impractical in real life!

  2. Thats a lot of Rookies = target rich environment :-)
    Great stuff!

  3. The T 35's are a tank and a half in terms of painting.
    3 very good projects I like all three. very nice to see some of the more unusual tanks and cold war really is my thing.

  4. Very nice 15s Grahame! Those Turks are especially to my tastes.

  5. Very impressive work I have not done 15mm for years and not sure I could match your skills

  6. That's a great whack of work. I like the cavalry and the Soviet infantry especially, you did a great job on camo - at 15mm good camo can be hard to do.

  7. Very nice! Really enjoying the moderns.

  8. A great entry - those turcomen are brill.

  9. Great mix of periods, lovely painting too


  10. Great stuff all around. Love to see that fleet of T-35s!

  11. These Turkomen look rather splendid in their bright garb but I really love those Russians! Somehow I feel I need to pay Army Armies' a visit sooner or later.

  12. Nice work. I really like the look of that truck with the infantry huddled in back.

  13. I like the variety and the execution - well done!

  14. I love the Russians, old and new!

  15. Excellent! I really like the little details such as the riders and barrels in the truck bed.