Thursday, 26 January 2017

Thursday Minion -3am is sleeping in if you are ususaly up by 2!

IT'S Thursday!
I have just completed my work week and am ready to hit the brushes again.
I was a bit wore out and went straight to bed last night, fortunately, the thursday crew have been diligently pluging away.
I was planning for an entire day of miniature fun, but my minions have various athletic functions, exams, and a half day of school. This translates intono adult beverages for dad till much later and sporadic posting throughout the day.
I also have military training!, No fun in the woods or ranges. Apparently with my new rank, I have to complete some military training via online courses.
Surely the DoD knows I'm infantry!? I suspect that the spreadsheet has some involvement in this unexpected task...excuse me while I try to find some coffee...


  1. Online training courses.... All I can say is YUCK!

    Had to do some hated them. I can only hope your ones are better than the ones I had to do.

  2. Good luck today David! Keep an eye out for a post from me this evening, if you're still awake!

  3. Since the money dried up after Afghanistan, a lot of CAF training has gone online. So tedious. At least real training gets you out of the office.
    My one drink policy - as long as you keep refilling one glass, it's one drink.