Wednesday, 1 February 2017

From StephenS: British Regular Infantry (62 points)

I've missed roll-call for the last few weeks as I've kept plugging away on these guys in between preparing for the bonus rounds. Originally, I had four ready and then optimistically thought I could squeeze 4 more in before the cut-off... I then figured I might as well finish the last few, so I present 12 of His Majesty's finest from the 44th (East Essex) Regiment of Foot. These guys will combine with the six of their fellows I painted last year, to make two units for use in French-Indian War themed games of Sharpe Practice 2.

The 28 mm miniatures are by Conquest Miniatures from Warlord Games. The banner is just one from the box the miniatures came in, with a few splashes of paint added to brighten it up a bit.

The command - the uniforms are not quite so bright in the flesh.

I chose the 44th because I liked their yellow flag more than the others that came in the box (I know, I think about these things too much...) Interestingly, I recently discovered that the 44th apparently holds the honour of being the most massacred regiment in the British army during the 18th and 19th centuries. Being first slaughtered to almost a man at the Battle of Prestonpans by Scottish Highlanders. Then massacred again by Native Americans at the Monongahela River during the French-Indian War. Before being cut-down a third time at Gandamak during the retreat of the British during the First Afghan War. I must say, I feel this regiment and I have been well-matched!

This marching in circles might help explain why they kept getting massacred...
Surrounded on all sides - business as usual!

My brief love for painting 18th century uniforms is beginning to fade, but I have a unit of Grenadiers ready to paint up along with some Native American allies that will make a nice diversion. That's if I can get through to a few other things first...



ByronM: A very nice entry here Steve.  I can see why you like the regiment, the red/yellow really makes them distinctive and you have done a top notch job on them.  Painting anything from that era is hard (at least for me) and your sharp break black lining method makes all the details in the uniform really stand out and look great.  The base work is excellent as well, the little leaves in light tans help tie the yellows down to the base in my eye.  So 12 figures for 60 points and a bonus couple thrown in for the banner work, well done!


  1. It sounds like a unit that matches my generalship too!

    Nice painting Steve :)

  2. Great stuff Steve. "The Most Massacred Regiment..." I just love the things I learn during the Painting Challenge...

  3. Lovely looking men of Essex.
    Best Iain

  4. Lovely work, you have made them look gritty and battle worn, perfect for their coming trials


  5. I love seeing these ill-starred units. My Napoleonic British force is mostly composed of units that were overrun at Albuera in 1811. I find it gives great deniability when they perform poorly on the tabletop. :)

  6. My word, they were unlucky, weren't they?

    Hope these chaps perform better on the tabletop! Well done!

  7. Very well done! I do especially like your basing on these.

  8. They look really fantastic Steve - I look forward to having my Colonial Rangers and Native Allies serve alongside them on the table! However, I'm now a bit nervous about having to paint my British Regulars to the same standard - thanks for that :-)

  9. Nice work. I agree that flag is neat. The yellow facings on those uniforms really is a nice look.

  10. Nice work indeed. The basing is brilliant.

  11. A dubious honor for sure! Great brushwork on them though! The banner certainly pops! I too like the autumn leaves on the bases, they look wonderful!

  12. Brilliant work Steve, and really nice to see you making more headway on your FIW army.