Monday, 13 February 2017

From PeterM: Regiment of Austrian Cuirassiers & some more Infantry

Hi everyone again!

Here I am again something finally painted... =)
One base musketeer 11th Regiment with a pioneer in his skin apron. I love these guys ;)These are good professionals in the military sapper case. They received a good salary (many times more than the privates). In combat, their task was to destroy the small key objectives (gates, parapets, gun inventory).And he is not white like the rest, it makes me happy! (Sometimes you get tired of one white)

 And finally the last three cuirassiers base for my 3 regiments Crown Prince Ferdinand.I love the Austrian sticks for banners! (they are almost like candy ;) )

And in the end I will show you the whole regiment.

 I really like this combination - red, yellow, white and bright green! It looks very much alive!)


According to my calculations, I scored 120 points! 
6 infantrymen, + 9 cavalry.

Thanks to all!) See you next week - will be infantry;)

MilesR: The calvary is really exceptionally well done - thanks for the group shot!


  1. Oh man, some fine Austrians! Brilliant work!

  2. Lovely! That Cuirassiers regiment is spectacular!

  3. Tremendous! Those are some lovely looking Austrians. Well done!

  4. Lovely work, I like the banner pole as well

  5. Lovely looking Austrians!
    Best Iain

  6. Great painting, the red on those cuirassier shabraques really pops!

  7. Gorgeous! Agree on the vibrant colours

  8. Those are spectacular horsemen, Peter!
    Those colors most certainly do pop on the Austrian white! The infantry is well done as well. No easy task to paint white cloth and you did a smash up job on it!

  9. Excellent painting! Your mastery of painting white is stunning.

  10. Great work on the Austrians Peter especially the white!