Saturday, 25 March 2017

AaronH - Challenge retrospective

Another one is down in the books. For the first time I didn't make my goal. I just had too many other things vying for my attention this year. Still, it was a very productive Challenge and I'm happy with my progress.

The whole bunch, blurry but all there.

EIR Command and velites along with Blood Bowl team.
6mm Sci/Fi and 3mm X-Wings for Star Wars Armada.
Dwarfs (not the cannon).
Two Celt warbands and some Javeliners in front of Uruk-Hai and Trolls.
ECW Pike & Shotte regiment, two extra stands and command.
Role playing characters. There's a nice variety now.
My ugly mug. I'm even wearing my UK sweatshirt in the spirit of cross Atlantic cooperation.
While I didn't manage to make my goal I did enjoy this year a great deal. As always my fellow Challengers blew me away with the quality of their work. I am also not feeling burned out from all of the painting, so hopefully I can keep the momentum going now that the Challenge is over.

Thank you as well to Curt and the Minions for doing all of the hard work that makes this possible. It really is the high point of my blogging year, being able to participate in this amazing thing.


  1. A lovely collection Aaron :)

  2. Wonderful work Aaron and ace sweatshirt! Those cave trolls are real brutes.

  3. nice work Aaron, very nice assortment

  4. Lovely bit of work there and testament to your efforts even when pulled hither, thither and yon by other commitments (we've all been there!).

  5. Good job mate - lovely variety of goodies there! You were 90% there which is pretty darn good! I've loved watching your ECW force grow over the different challenges too mate, very nice.

  6. What a variety of stuff Aaran - well done.

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